Metadata in the Real World:
The Payback on Your Investment

Thursday, 4 June 2015
Warsaw (Poland)

If available you can download the shown slides as PDF pdf2 and/or the audio recording audio-icon of a presentation.

Morning Session

Adding metadata to images costs money but developments in the image industry indicate a real return for those who invest in their metadata workflow now. In an increasingly automated workflow metadata drives distribution and management in all sectors.

Opening by Michael Steidl (IPTC) and Alfonso Gutiérrez (CEPIC)

The morning session discussed the business value of applying metadata to photos.

  • Efficient application of metadata
    • by NTB Scanpix, presented by Solveig Vikene – pdf2 audio-icon (20 min)
    • by UNHCR, presented by Sarah Saunders – pdf2 audio-icon (19 min)
    • by plainpicture, presented by Uta Kaack – pdf2 audio-icon (23 min)
  • New value by new IPTC Photo Metadata properties
    presented by Michael Steidl, IPTC, and Sarah Saunders, CEPICpdf2 audio-icon (20 min)
  • Automated tagging
    • Status of technology, presented by Andrea de Polo – pdf2 audio-icon (19 min)
  • How to apply rights metadata properly
  • The value of using identifiers: view from the photo business side, by Alfonso Gutiérrez, CEO of age fotostock and CEPIC Presidentpdf2 audio-icon (25 min)
  • Discussion by all Conference participants – audio-icon (23 min)

(Lunch Break)

Afternoon Sessions

Each session had a focus on as specific topic.

  • Video metadata revisited: IPTC presents a draft for generic usepdf2 audio-icon (24 min)
    Michael Steidl, IPTC Video Metadata Working Group
    Video metadata was the major topic of the Metadata Conference in 2014. As a result from the discussions in Berlin IPTC launched an initative to create a common set of metadata fields for video. Now, one year later, IPTC has developed a first public draft of video metadata with a focus on describing content, involved persons and rights.
  • JPEG Standards: are we prepared for the next disruptive evolution in digital imaging markets?pdf2 audio-icon (52 min)
    Prof. Dr. Peter Schelkens, spokesperson of the international JPEG standardization committee
    and Andrea de Polo, Consultant.
    This talk provided an overview of existing JPEG standards, but also focused on new initiatives such as JPEG XT, providing support for HDR, lossless and alpha channel coding and JPEG PLENO, which is targeting a standard framework for the representation and exchange of new imaging modalities such as light-field, point-cloud and holographic imaging.
  • CEPIC’s campaign for a better protection of images onlinepdf2 audio-icon (30 min)
    Thomas Höpper introduced an initative driven by CEPIC.

The Metadata Conference was held again in conjunction with the CEPIC Congress.

Conference Archive

The IPTC Photo Metadata Conference is held since 2007 – find out what was presented and discussed at previous meetings.