Video Metadata Hub

A common ground for video management: a set of video metadata properties, which can be expressed by multiple technical standards.


The brand new Video Metadata Hub Recommendation 1.0 was presented at IPTC’s Video Day on 25 October 2016.

Finding Common Ground …

IPTC’s “Hub” Recommendation covers many use cases and exchange of metadata over multiple standards.

It was developed to provide a cohesive solution for the variety of different standards used for compressing video and audio, for file formats, and for different schemas of metadata properties.

The Video Metadata Hub (VMH) supports varied technical solutions with the key goal of storing and exchanging metadata in a safe and reliable way, with a universal metadata schema.

The VMH is comprised of a single set of video metadata properties, which can be expressed by multiple technical standards, in full as reference implementation in XMP and EBU Core. These properties can be used for describing the visible and audible content, rights data, administrative details and technical characteristics of a video.

Upcoming Events
  • Rights Day 2017

    London (UK)
    15 May 2017
  • Spring Meeting

    London (UK)
    16 & 17 May 2017
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