Autumn Meeting 2022
17 – 19 October, online

This information last updated 2023-03-16

The  IPTC Autumn Meeting and Annual General Meeting 2022 was again be held online.

The summary blog post covers what happened at the event.


Monday 17 October

  • Introduction and update from Managing Director Brendan Quinn and the IPTC Board of Directors
  • Attendee introductions: get to know your fellow members
  • Working Group presentations:
    • NewsML-G2 Working Group
    • Video Metadata Working Group
    • Sports Content Working Group
  • Member presentations:
    • DRIVE project (dpa)
    • Representing social media content in NewsML-G2 (Refinitiv)
  • Guest presentations:
    • The HAND project: a new approach to identity in media and entertainment

Tuesday 18 October

  • Working Group presentations:
    • Photo Metadata Working Group
    • News in JSON Working Group
    • NewsCodes Working Group
  • Member presentations:
    • Discussion on implementing a “news backplane” in JSON (DATAGROUP Consulting),
    • Migrating classification systems (TT Sweden)
    • Gender analysis as a service (iMatrics)
  • Guest presentations:
    • Media in the Metaverse

Wednesday 19 October

  • IPTC Annual General Meeting 2022
    • Election of IPTC Board of Directors and Chair
  • PR Committee Update
  • IPTC Autumn 2022 Standards Committee meeting
  • Working Group and member presentations:
    • Discussion on a simple rights format
    • Updates on C2PA and Project Origin
  • Guest presentations:
    • Deepfake detection with
    • A European Data Space for Media

IPTC members can register for the event (for free) using the registration link on the IPTC Members-Only Zone.