Who is using the IPTC News Architecture?

Different organisations and systems use the IPTC News Architecture in different ways.

Systems vendors have built their systems around the architecture as a way to save development time, make their tools automatically compatible with other software and syndication partners.

Using common terminology that is familiar to developers and architects in news operations around the world, the IPTC News Architecture has been implemented by the following companies and systems, among many others:

SourceFabric’s SuperDesk

In 2011, when Sourcefabric started work on Superdesk, our newsroom management platform, we turned to the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) for inspiration. Through its News Architecture and NewsML projects, IPTC had already scripted the news-making process with industry-wide metadata “standards.” Designed to facilitate the sharing of content between news providers, the IPTC’s work also became the building blocks for our software.

“NewsML describes in detail how news is made, from the ingestion of content into a CMS to the publication of a news item,” says Sourcefabric’s Chief Technology Officer Holman Romero. “What is amazing about IPTC’s standards is that they apply metadata to every step of the news-creation process. This was eye-opening as we were planning Superdesk, because we were able to follow the NewsML methodology and essentially wrap that knowledge in code.”

For more information, see IPTC’s news post from July 2016 or Superdesk’s blog post from 2019.