IPTC 50th Anniversary Symposium

News at a Crossroads – Navigating a Changing Landscape

28th October 2015  in London (UK)

… was a great event. Thanks to all speakers, moderators and sponsors.

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About the event

IPTC is the global standards body of the news media – we provide the technical foundation for the news ecosystem – and we are celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2015. The “News at a Crossroads” Symposium was the culminating event of our celebrations. 

Changes in technology, the popularity of social media, the prevalence of video, and other advances greatly affect how news is created, marketed and distributed. At this event, IPTC-invited experts shared predictions and outlooks about the most influential factors on the gathering, delivery and marketing of news today.

Categories of change were examined separately with presentations and a discussion, open to the floor, and in a fourth session brought together to examine the crossroads and see how their findings might benefit each other.

Full documentation of the event 

Legend: Presentation = presentation as PDF,  Video = video on YouTube, all videos are available in a YouTube playlist.

Opening by Stuart Myles, IPTC Chairman PresentationVideo 6 min

50 Years of IPTC by Stéphane Guérillot, IPTC director  PresentationVideo 13 min

  1. NewsPie_2015-04-24dCreate News: journalism, crowd sourcing, social media, (big) data as source
    Alison Gow, Editor, Digital Innovation, Trinity Mirror Regionals (UK) PresentationVideo 8 min
    Simon Haydon, International Sports Editor, The Associated Press  (USA) PresentationVideo 8 min
    Poul Madsen, Executive Chief Editor, Ekstra Bladet (Denmark) PresentationVideo 8 min
    Rachel Shabi, multimedia free-lance journalist and author (UK)  Video 9 min
    Andreas Gebhard, Director, Editorial Strategy and Product Management, Getty Images Inc (USA)
    Panel discussionVideo 44 min
  2. Market & Sell News: new markets and new products
    Jérôme Doncieux, Co-CEO, Relaxnews (France) PresentationVideo 9 min
    Adrian Michaels, Director, FirstWord Media (UK)  Video 12 min
    Robin Pembrooke, General Manager News Products, Digital News BBC (UK)  Video 16 min – transcript
    John Evans, Managing Director, Transtel Communications Ltd (UK)
    Panel discussionVideo 31 min
  3. Produce & Present News: gathering & aggregating content, distributing & presenting it
    Bill Kasdorf, Vice President and Principal Consultant, Apex Content Solutions (USA) PresentationVideo 23 min
    Evan Sandhaus,  Director Search, Archives, Semantics, New York Times (USA)  Video 18 min
    Kim Svendsen, Director, Stibo Accelerator (Denmark)  Video 16 min
  4. Joint Session of the Three Work Areas: “Navigating the Crossroads for Best News Industry Results”
    with speakers from the previous sessions –  Video 19 min
    Stuart Myles, Director of Information Management at The Associated Press (USA) and Chairman of the Board of the IPTC

After the symposium attendees and speakers were invited to a gala dinner.