Spring Meeting 2019
8 – 10 April, Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon view - Image courtesy Turismo de Lisboa
Image courtesy Turismo de Lisboa

This information last updated 2019-03-25

The next IPTC Members’ Meeting will be held in the dynamic and increasingly tech-savvy city of Lisbon, Portugal from Monday 8th to Wednesday 10th April, 2019.

Home to IPTC member Lusa who are helping to organise the meeting, Lisbon is easily accessible from the US, Europe and Asia.

You can expect three full days of working group presentations, interesting stories and case studies from invited companies and IPTC members, and discussions about current issues in the media technology world.

The meeting hotel is the Vincci Liberdade near the Marques de Pombal roundabout in the Liberdade area.

Booking at the hotel has now closed, but if you are a member and still want to come, please see the information page in the Members Only Zone.


Monday, 8 April

  • Introductions and update from the IPTC Board
  • Update on the IPTC/MINDS “Performing Content” project and the C-POP project – Robert Schmidt-Nia, DPA
  • Integrating audience analytics and feedback into editorial workflows using standards – Daniel Morrison, BBC
  • Update on news credibility projects – the Trust Project from James Logan, BBC and the Journalism Trust Initiative from Brendan Quinn, IPTC
  • NewsML-G2 Working Group update – including work on implementing trust indicators – Dave Compton, Refinitiv (Chair of IPTC News Architecture Working Group)
  • DPA’s work implementing Trust Indicators from the Trust Project – Martin Vertel, DPA
  • Lusa’s fake news project “Combate Às Fake News” – Joaquim Carreira, Lusa
  • SportsML / SportsJS Working Group update – Johan Lindgren, TT (Chair of the IPTC Sports Content Working Group)

Tuesday, 9 April

  • Photo Metadata Working Group update – Michael Steidl (Chair of the IPTC Photo Metadata Working Group)
  • Implications of the EU Copyright Directive – discussion and ideas led by Brendan Quinn, IPTC 
  • Metadata to support government copyright directive(s)? Discussion and ideas led by Brendan Quinn, IPTC
  • The rest of the standards world – ISO, JPEG etc – Scott Foshee, Adobe
  • Image regions for smart cropping – Ilkka Järstä, FrameRight
  • Video Metadata Working Group update – Michael Steidl (Chair of the IPTC Photo Metadata Working Group) 
  • DPP Metadata for News Exchange – Abdul Hakim, DPP
  • BBC Project Connect – metadata in the newsroom – Iain Smith, BBC
  • Image rights protection using blockchain – Gan Lu, Yuanben
  • Overview of recent Shutterstock metadata projects – Lúí Smyth, Shutterstock

Wednesday, 10 April

  • NewsCodes Working Group update – Jennifer Parrucci, New York Times (Chair of the NewsCodes Working Group)
  • Translating News Codes into more languages – Group discussion led by Brendan Quinn, IPTC 
  • AI and text analysis with identified entities – Johan Lindgren, TT
  • New taxonomies (eg describing images) and ways of managing them (eg entities) – Stuart Myles, AP
  • AI-based text mining demo –  Carlos Amaral, Priberam
  • Standards Committee meeting – Stéphane Guérrilot, AFP (Chair, IPTC Standards Committee)
  • Rights update – ODRL and RightsML Michael Steidl 
  • Practical user experience issues for rights management – Blaise Galinier, BBC

The meeting is available only to IPTC members and invited guests. If you would like to present at the meeting, please get in touch with Brendan Quinn, IPTC Managing Director at mdirector@iptc.org.