Tools for NewsML-G2

Working with news and news-related data using the NewsML-G2 format is currently supported by these kinds of software modules:

Online tools

NewsML-G2 Generator

The IPTC has developed an interactive “NewsML-G2 Generator” tool which allows users to explore creating simple NewsML-G2 documents by simply typing into a form on a web page. The tool allows you to choose between usage of URIs or QCodes for controlled values, and to choose between XHTML and NITF markup for the embedded news article.

Software libraries

Python NewsML-G2 module

The IPTC has developed a Python module for creating and processing NewsML-G2 documents.

Currently in beta, it is available from PyPI and can be installed via pip install newsmlg2. It is available under an MIT licence, so can be used in any project, commercial or non-commercial.

It supports NewsML-G2 up to version 2.29. Download and view documentation at

Perl XML::NewsML-G2 Writer

XML::NewsML_G2 is a software library to simplify the creation of XML files conforming to the NewsML-G2 specification as published by the IPTC. It does not aim to implement the complete standard, but to cover the most common use cases in a best-practice manner.

The software is implemented in Perl and depends on Moose. It has been successfully tested on Linux, *BSD, OS X, Windows, Solaris and HP-UX. It is provided by APA-IT and available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

The implementation currently supports text, picture, video, audio, graphics, as well as multimedia packages and slideshows.

Last updated in 2019, the module supports NewsML-G2 version 2.18.

Documentation and download:

WordPress Plug-ins

NewsML-G2 Importer (no longer available)

The NewsML-G2 Importer plugin for WordPress provided an easy way to import NewsML-G2 documents into WordPress and to publish them as posts inside your blog. It imports all XML documents containing NewsML-G2 data found in a provided folder into the WordPress database and saves them as a custom post type with additional metadata taken from the NewsML-G2 document. You can import new documents through HTTP, FTP and RSS.

The plugin was developed by APA-IT under an open source licence, but is no longer maintained.

Rewpert-G2 (no longer available)

The Rewpert-G2 plugin was designed to import arbitrary NewsML-G2 news messages into WordPress and make them available as articles. It had built in functionality for importing text items, picture items and metadata (subjects, media topics, authors). Rewpert-G2 was developed as a bachelor student thesis in collaboration between Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences and Aptoma AS.

The project is open source and available on GitHub, but is no longer maintained and the accompanying site is no longer available.