Autumn Meeting 2016
Berlin (Germany)

Venue: dpa Headquarter Berlin,  Markgrafenstraße 20, 10969 Berlin

Autumn & Annual General Meeting: 24 – 26 October

This face-to-face meeting of IPTC Delegates and other participants covered these items:

Monday, 24 October

  • dpa: presentation about the collaboration between editorial and IT
  • dpa: presentation about used technology
  • EXTRA project: update on the progress of the work
  • Rights Expression WG: presentation and discussion of rights business cases
  • Introduction and presentation of IIIF – – International Image Interoperability Framework with Q&A
  • Presentation about IPTC Photo Metadata
  • Workshop: how to bring successfully together IIIF work and IPTC Photo Metadata
    (IIIF is an international community currently coming primarily from museums and art collections. The key goal is to provide a uniform, interoperable and rich access to image resources via API. Another goal is to develop, cultivate and document shared technologies, such as image servers and web clients, that provide a world-class user experience in viewing, comparing, manipulating and annotating images.
    IPTC has a strong experience and long history as maker of metadata for describing photos and sharing data about rights and administration. This set of metadata is supported by virtually all imaging software for professionals.)

Tuesday, 25 October

IPTC Video Day 2016 (on its own page)

Wednesday, 26 October

  • Annual General Meeting
    with election of the Board of Directors
  • NewsML-G2 WG: presentation of NewsML-G2 v 2.24 and of the Photo Metadata mapping
  • Sports Content WG
    • SportsML 3.0 follow up: implementation by NTB
    • JSON version of SportsML 3
  • Standards Committee: follow up of a new structure for the work on IPTC standards
  • IPTC meetings in 2017
  • NewsCodes WG: presentation of the sport competion facets for Media Topics and the Product Genre NewsCodes
  • Documentation by Github Pages: presentation of the experimental site & discussion
  • TT’s work on an HTML 5 XML Schema
  • Standards Committee with votes on new standards