A single format for exchanging both individual items and packages of text, images, video, audio news and event or sports data.


The NewsML-G2 standard provides state-of-the-art XML format metadata to combine rich functionality, ease of use, compactness and compatibility with the Semantic Web.

News Exchange is …

… a method of conveying not only the core news content, but also data that describe the content in an abstract way (i.e. metadata), information about how to handle news in an appropriate way (i.e. news management metadata), information about the packaging of news information, and finally information about the transfer of news content.

NewsML-G2 provides exchange formats for:

  • General news: textual news, articles, photos, graphics, audio and video can be exchanged – the News Item
  • A flexible mechanism for packaging news in a structured way – the Package Item
  • Information about concepts, used for values in controlled vocabularies – the Concept Item – and further a format to exchange full controlled vocabularies as a single file – the Knowledge Item
  • A means to convey editorial planning to customers – the Planning Item 
  • A wrapper around items to transmit them by any electronic means – the News Message 

NewsML-G2 is the cost-effective way of managing news, whether for a news provider, web site, news aggregator, newspaper or television station.

Exchanging News

NewsML-G2 can act as a sophisticated wrapper for news conveyed as text, photo, graphic, video, audio or other media type; it can also be used for packaging any combination of multimedia news.

NewsML-G2 makes strong use of terms from controlled vocabularies or taxonomies to describe and categorize the content; a promoted taxonomy is IPTC’s Media Topics.

Exchanging Event Data and News Coverage Planning

NewsML-G2 includes the EventsML-G2 specification for conveying event information in a news industry environment; this may be used for:

  • Receiving all facts about an event from the event organiser
  • Publishing all facts about a specific event by a news provider
  • Publishing full or partial event information as an event listing
  • Sharing the planned news coverage of an event by a news provider associated with the distributed event facts, e.g. for daybooks

Exchanging Sports Data

SportsML is the only open, global XML standard for the interchange of sports data. It allows for the exchange of sports scores, schedules, standings, and statistics for a wide variety of sports competitions. It may be used with NewsML-G2 as wrapper of the sport specific data. Its key features are:

  • Covers scores, schedules, standings, statistics, and more
  • Common framework for all sports
  • Plug-in modules for specific sports
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