IPTC Spring Meeting 2018

23 – 25 April, Athens (Greece)

The meeting was held at

Divani Caravel Hotel
Vassileos Alexandrou 2, 16121 Athens

Monday, 23 April

Topics discussed included:

  • Opening, introduction of the participants
  • Introduction of the new IPTC Managing Director Brendan Quinn
  • Discussion topic: Localisation/Internationalisation
  • NewsCodes Working Group: update on the complete review of the Media Topics taxonomy.
  • Presentation of the video production management using NewsML-G2 developed by Digital Production Partnership – presentation by Iain Smith, Product Manager, BBC.
  • Video Metadata Working Group:
    • recent work on auto-tagging of videos
    • presentation of the Video Metadata Hub 1.2 draft
  • ATC presented the Truly Media platform
  • Discussion topic Trust in the Media (continued from previous IPTC meetings)
    …. and a nice surprise for the outgoing Managing Director Michael Steidl

Tuesday, 24 April

Topics discussed included:

  • Rights Expression Working Group: presentation of the draft of the RightsML 2.0 standard, based on W3C’s ODRL Recommendation.
  • Presentation of the EXTRA Plus project
  • Discussion topic: Challenges presented by the GDPR to media companies, including the impact on data used for journalistic work.
  • Algorithmic transparency
  • Thomson Reuters’ work on provenance
  • Sports Content Working Group: presentation and discussion of the work on sportsjs, a JSON format for sports data
  • Blockchain for secure licensing
  • FactsMap: AI News (Artificial Intelligence News discovery), presentation by Angelo Marrara, ANSA
  • Presentation of the DEXTRA project
  • Why 15 years at IPTC was a great time – by Michael Steidl
  • “Thank you” dinner with all Delegates and Michael Steidl, the current Managing Director who will retire soon after that meeting.

Wednesday, 25 April

Topics discussed included:

  • Photo Metadata Working Group: 
    – preview on Photo Metadata Conference 2018
    – introduction of an IPTC Photo Metadata <-> schema.org mapping
    – introduction of the Get IPTC Photo Metadata web app
    – summary of 14 years of Photo Metadata work (… which was started in Athens in spring 2004)
  • Update on the JPEG 360 work (an ISO working group) IPTC has joined
  • NewsML-G2 Working Group
  • Discussion with the new Managing Director Brendan Quinn about IPTC work and communication
  • CERTH: Presentation of the inVid project
  • Standards Committee
    • Votes on new versions of:
      • Rights Expressions WG: RightsML 2.0
      • Video Metadata WG: Video Metadata Hub 1.2
      • NewsML-G2 WG: NewsML-G2 2.27

Discussion Topics

  • Localization / internationalization: how to manage news in different languages (also in countries with multiple official languages), how to translate categorization concepts, quality assurance of translations
  • The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its impact on media companies.

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