IPTC Spring Meeting 2017
15, 16, 17 May, London (UK)


Monday, 15 May – BBC Rights Management Conference

Time: 13:00 to ~17:00

Venue: BBC Radio Theatre, BBC News Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA

The Changing World of Rights Management and News

The BBC is hosting a conference to discuss with experts from the News, Legal and Technical industries all aspects of how Rights Management effects how content is ingested, created and distribution. We will be looking at what the current limitations are, what our responsibilities are as news organisations (broadcasters or agencies) and what we are doing, as an industry, to address them to improve end-to-end workflows. Are technological enhancements today enough? How does the “Digital World” affect the content we produce for use locally and/or globally?

There will be 3 moderated panel sessions with experts from within, or associated with, the News industry made up of:

  • News/Editorial
  • Legal/Business
  • Technical/System vendors

Names of panel members and a conference schedule will be published in the coming weeks. A link for registering for this day will be available soon.

The IPTC meeting on 16 and 17 May will be held at
etc.venues – Marble Arch
Garfield House, 86 Edgeware Road, London W2 2EA

A Conference Package of 73.00 GBP (86.00 EUR) per day has to be paid by participants; it includes breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks and the meeting space.

Tuesday, 16 May – IPTC Meeting Day 1

Register for the IPTC Meeting Days by this web form >>>

Time: 09:00 to about 18:00
Venue: etc.venue Marble Arch, see above

Morning Session: System Vendors and News Exchange

IPTC invites system vendors to discuss with news providers issues in the workflow of news exchange: What kinds of metadata (structures, formats) are used or needed by them, what missing things do they like to add to IPTC standards, the role of advertisment in the IPTC formats, other formats/standards they have to deal with.

Lunch Break

Afternoon Sessions

  • Overview of IPTC’s living standards
  • Update on the IPTC Video Metadata Hub and its JSON format
  • Post-Rights Day discussion with the chairs of the W3C Permissions and Obligations Working Group – IPTC is involved into it.
  • Presentation about the use of rights at AP, by Stuart Myles
  • Update on the progress of the IPTC EXTRA project.

Wednesday, 17 May – IPTC Meeting Day 2

Register for the IPTC Meeting Days by this web form >>>

Time: 09:00 to about 17:00
Venue: etc.venue Marble Arch, see above

Morning Sessions

  • Sport Facets for IPTC Media Topics: presentation of the first time use of facets for an IPTC taxonomy
  • Sports Content WG: update on SportsML 3.0 and SportsJS (JSON for sports data)
  • STA Cttee session: Use of Github for IPTC standards by Working Groups: the Sports and the NewsML-G2 group will present their experience and view.
  • Presentations by IPTC members from UK

Lunch Break

Afternoon Sessions

  • Publishing@W3C: The new W3C Publishing Business Group and related initiatives
    to bring professional publishing expertise into the development of Web standards
  • Update on recent publishing related standards activities at W3C
  • VMHub: user stories/marketing activities
  • PR Committee: discussion of marketing activities
  • Standards Committee

As of 2017-02-24