Autumn Meeting 2020
12 – 14 October, online

This information last updated 2020-10-15

This year’s IPTC Autumn Meeting was held online.

Final schedule

Monday 12 October

  • Introduction and update from Managing Director Brendan Quinn and the IPTC Board of Directors
  • Attendee introductions: get to know your fellow members
  • Presentation and discussion on semantic technologies and structured data in 2020: RDF,, SHACL, SHEX, wikidata, GraphQL – how does it all fit together?
  • Updates from NewsML-G2 / News Architecture Working Group , Sports Content Working Group
  • NewsCodes Working Group update
  • Presentation of news entities projects from IPTC members
  • Discussion and planning for a possible IPTC project around news entities

Tuesday 13 October

Wednesday 14 October

  • Morning: IPTC 2020 Annual General Meeting and Standards Committee meeting
  • EU Copyright Directive and data-mining permissions for publisher websites
  •, a blockchain based network for streaming media distribution
  • Discussion on IPTC’s participation in the Content Authenticity Initiative
  • BBC’s new open-source Digital Asset Management system project
  • Startup presentations: WireWax (and possibly more TBC)