Thanks to the sponsors of the News at a Crossroads Symposium

ANSA is Italy’s leading news agency and among the top in the world. It is a cooperative comprising partners among main national and local dailies and publishers. Due to its international network ANSA guarantees a global presence, strategic and widespread by the high quality standards.

Reliability, comprehensiveness and independence have always been and remain values that confirm ANSA’s leadership at home and on the international scene.


AFP-Services, a subsidiary of AFP, offers “on-demand” production services for businesses, media and institutions. We offer video and photo production; reporting and writing services; social media curation and technical services for broadcasters that fulfil clients’ needs for exemplary content.

With dedicated teams AFP-Services provides its range of on-demand content with the same reliability, quality and know-how that are the trademarks of AFP.


APA-IT offers support with a focus on media solutions and IT-outsourcing.

As a subsidiary of APA – Austria Press Agency, we are responsible for the IT of the Austrian news agency as well as numerous other media enterprises. This expertise and insight make APA-IT an expert for IT solutions for publishers and media-related companies.


newsasset by ATC, is a fully integrated, cloud based and industry standard (IPTC) compliant platform, catering all needs of Publishers and News Agencies (featuring unique capabilities).

Covers all areas of multimedia news aggregation and verification, event planning and digital asset management, along with cross-channel distribution in various formats.


The German Press Agency dpa is a trusted, accurate and independent provider of news with the digital and multimedia content to power the media at home and abroad.

Our customers benefit from the extensive global network of correspondents and editors maintained by Germany’s leading news wire.


FotoWare builds tools for the most demanding photo editors in the world that help them to create better stories.