A solution for sharing sports data

SportsML is an open and highly flexible standard for the interchange of sports data. It is designed to be easy to understand and implement, and to cover a wide variety of sports competitions.

Key features

  • Covers scores, schedules, standings, statistics, in-game events, and more
  • Common framework for all sports, plus rich coverage of specifics of different worldwide sports, including Olympics, rugby, cricket, soccer, ice-hockey, etc.
  • Well documented and easy to use and read

Development of SportsML is open, your feedback on the SportsML Users Forum is welcome!

Who is using SportsML

AP mobile (USA), APA (Austria), BBC (UK), ESPN (USA), NTB (Norway), PA (UK), Univision (USA/Mexico),  XML Team Solutions (USA), Yahoo! Sports (USA)


  • SportsML is an already-proven vehicle for real-time delivery of sports data for machine processing. A single format for data of quite different sports and many types of events makes processing easier and cheaper — you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  • SportsML allows independence from proprietary data providers.
  • SportsML data can be easily converted into human readable information.
  • SportsML allows data providers to deliver data to many consumers in a common format.

Business Cases

  • Provide all data of events conducted by a sports federation
  • Aggregate data from different sources for specialized products
  • Can be used for fantasy sports or wagering systems
  • Create a specific variant of SportsML for regional or local types of sports


 SportsML 2.2 Download ZIP Package with:

  • Schemas
  • Documentation
  • Resource Files

Find more specification documents in the SportsML section of the IPTC Developer Site.


Users of SportsML 2.0 and higher can select to create and share standalone SportsML files, or they can include their SportsML as part of IPTC NewsML-G2 structures. Find more documentation in the SportsML section of the IPTC Developer Site.


The IPTC Developer Site provides technical information about SportsML-G2.

The SportsML Users Forum is used to share experiences, raise questions and recommend and discuss changes to the SportsML-G2 standard. It also connects companies and organizations who use SportsML-G2 and vendors who create tools that process NewsML-G2 documents.