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IPTC Photo Metadata Conference 2024

Online – Tuesday 7 May 2024

(exact time to be confirmed)

The 2024 IPTC Photo Metadata Conference will be held online, and is free for anyone to attend. 

Call for Speakers

It has been a big couple of years for photo metadata. Some of the topics we have been covering for years, such as accessibility, provenance and authenticity, are now making headlines. The world is waking up to the potential of image metadata to give image creators and rightsholders the ability to convey their intentions regarding how an image should be used, and the potential for cryptographically-signed metadata to protect the public from images (and metadata) that have been manipulated by bad actors.

In May 2024, the industry will get back together to discuss the latest issues in photo metadata, including adoption of accessibility, adoption of provenance frameworks and standards, identification of AI content and the ability to opt-out of having images included in training data sets for generative AI – among other issues.

If you, your company or your organisation have something to say on this topic, please get in touch! You can use the IPTC Contact Us form or simply email mdirector@iptc.org with your ideas or proposals.

Previous Conferences

The IPTC Photo Metadata Conference has been held almost every year since 2007.

Watch video recordings and see presentation slides from our previous events (note that the Photo Metadata Conference was not held in 2023):