Summer Meeting 2016

13 – 15 June 2016, Stockholm ( Sweden)

This face-to-face meeting of IPTC Delegates and other participants covered these items:

  • Fotoware (Norway) will present their tools for the most demanding photo editors in the world that help them to create better stories
  • Infomaker (Sweden) will present its Newspilot and their use of NewsML-G2
  • J++ (Journalism++) project
  • Mittmedia (Sweden): focus on the use of APIs, automated creation of text news by text robots, data-driven journalism
  • Profium (Finland), the Semantic Technology expert, will show
    • Use of multicast in news environment
    • Visualization of “who gets what”: a dashboard for news providers/news agencies
  • Sourcefabric of Central Europe will present its Superdesk system and other tools.
  • TT, the Swedish news agency, will show us their current business focus and technology
  • VG (Norway): presentation of the challenges of a newspaper while “going digital”.

Discussion and work on these topics

  • SportsML 3.0 – the new XML format for sports data is ready for approval
  • Sports-in-JSON: update on this JSON format for sports data
  • IPTC Extra project: introduction of the EXTraction Rules Apparatus, a multilingual open-source platform for rules-based classification of news content.
  • Rights expressions: update on activites by IPTC members and the W3C Permissions and Obligations Expressions (POE) Working Group
  • IKOS-JSON: a JSON format for controlled vocabularies – close to W3C SKOS with a few IPTC specific toppings.
  • IPTC Photo Metadata Conference and other work in this area.
  • IPTC Video Metadata Draft #4