IPTC Spring Meeting 2020
11 – 13 May 2020: Virtual Meeting

We are pleased to announce that IPTC’s 2020 Spring Meeting will be a virtual meeting.

All IPTC members are welcome to attend via Zoom videoconference.

As well as updates from all IPTC working groups, the focus for this meeting will be news automation.


Details for the Zoom videoconference will be distributed to members who have registered for the meeting using the registration form in the members-only zone.

Detailed Agenda

Day 1: Monday 11 May, 1300 – 1800 UTC

  • The day will start with an introduction to IPTC and this event by IPTC Managing Director Brendan Quinn, who will then give time for attendee to introduce each other over the videoconference
  • The IPTC Board will present its recent work including proposals for changes to the IPTC Articles of Association being put to the vote in the General Meeting on Wednesday
  • Michael Steidl, lead of the IPTC Photo Metadata Working Group will present an update of the Working Group’s recent activities, including collaborations with Google, CIPA (the camera makers’ association which and ongoing work with schema.org
  • Pam Fisher, lead of the IPTC Video Metadata Working Group will present the group’s latest work including an update to the Video Metadata Hub and the launch of new Video Metadata Guidelines document
  • Paul Kelly, independent consultant and lead of the IPTC Sports Content Working Group will discuss recent work by the group including analysis of the OpenTrack project and investigations into a linked data version of SportsML
  • A representative from the W3C Web Publications working group will introduce its work and explain how it could be used by news publishers

Day 2: Tuesday 12 May, 1300 – 1800 UTC

  • Brendan Quinn will introduce the day and give members time to introduce each other
  • Dave Compton from Refinitiv, lead of the IPTC NewsML-G2 Working Group and News Architecture Working Lead, will give an update on recent work by the group, including work on Trust Indicators and proposing an update to NewsML-G2, version 2.29.
  • Johan Lindgren from TT, lead of the News in JSON Working Group, will present the group’s latest work including a proposal for ninjs 1.3.
  • We will have a focus on news automation systems:
    • Ed Boyling of Thomson Reuters will present their Lynx Insight system which blends human and machine insights for news creation.
    •  Tao Chen of 500px / Visual China Group, Lead of IPTC’s AI Expert Group will present on 500px’s work on AI stock photos
    • Claudia Quinonez of Bloomberg will give a presentation on “Deep Data-driven Stories”
  • Brendan Quinn will give an update on IPTC’s recent work on the Google News Initiative project C-POP, and on our work on expressing trust and credibility indicators in news content
  • Nejc Kastner of STA will give an update on some projects that were introduced at our last meeting in Ljubljana: d4editor for detecting gaps in journalistic coverage, and STAplanner which is STA’s new editorial planning system.

Day 3: Wednesday 13 May, 1300 – 1800 UTC

  • Brendan Quinn will introduce the day and give members time to introduce each other
  • Jennifer Parrucci of the New York Times, lead of the NewsCodes Working Group, will give an update from the Working Group, including recent updates to the Media Topic vocabulary, new Media Topics translations and updates to other vocabularies such as Genre
  • We will have a focus on detecting and managing entities in news content (i.e. people, places and organisations):
    • Fredrik Lundberg and colleagues from iMatrics on AI analysis for news production
    • Joacim Ståhl from TT will speak on identifying and managing entities in news media
  • The IPTC Standards Committee will meet under IPTC Standards Committee Chair, Stéphane Guérillot of Agence France-Presse:
    • Members vote on standards updates that were proposed during the meeting
    • We will have a presentation and discussion on Making IPTC Standards more usable, based on work from all Working Groups since the last meeting
    • IPTC Voting Member organisations can vote but all members are encouraged to attend.
  • We will then have an IPTC General Meeting:
    • Voting Members will vote on several changes to the IPTC Articles of Association that have been proposed by the Board
    • Voting Members will vote for a new Board member to fill a vacancy as Chair.

We will also have networking time between and after the presentations, where members can meet and virtually mingle with each other to discuss the day’s topics and meet industry colleagues from around the world.


All IPTC members are encouraged to attend. For more details, please see the members-only event page for the IPTC Spring 2020 Meeting.

If you’re not yet an IPTC member, please see our membership pages for more details or contact Managing Director, Brendan Quinn for more information.

We’re looking forward to seeing you online in May!