Members, companies, their delegates, and other professionals are the essential forces that drive IPTC's work. Join this community.

IPTC is an organization that thrives on the expertise of the most knowledgeable professionals in the information sector of the news industry. Our industry standards, which are free to the public and used worldwide, are powered by spirited participation, insightful recommendations, and financial contributions of our members. Our members are from Europe, North America and Asia. The levels of memberships, described below, are tiered for both organizations and individuals.

Voting Members

This is the most active level of membership. Voting members take part in all decisions regarding IPTC standards. Delegates can participate in working parties and groups, and may request changes and make contributions to standards' development. Members also have access to a members' website, development documents and discussion groups. A membership in IPTC makes a statement about your business – it is one of the news industry leaders and is committed to the overall well-being of worldwide journalism.

Associate Members

Associate members can take part in all IPTC's working groups, which address issues and influence amendments to IPTC standards. Associate members enjoy networking opportunities with other organizations focused on news collection, distribution and publishing, and system vendors supporting the news industry. Associate members also have access to the members' website, discussion groups, and working documents before they are published.

Individual Members

Individuals and sole proprietors in related businesses are welcome to join IPTC. Individuals enjoy the same networking opportunities - with news agencies, news agency alliances, newspaper and magazine publishers' organizations, individual newspapers, and system vendors - and may choose to participate one of the face-to-face meetings for free in a year.

Honorary Members

This type of membership is awarded to long-time member delegates for their substantial contributions to IPTC.

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