The IPTC NewsML-G2 Working Group and the News Architecture Working Group are happy to announce the release of the latest version of our flagship XML-based news syndication standard: NewsML-G2 v2.33.

Changes in the latest version are small but significant. We have added support for the Digital Source Type property which is already being used in IPTC’s sister standards IPTC Photo Metadata Standard and IPTC Video Metadata Hub and ninjs. This property can be used to declare when content has been created or modified by software, including by Generative AI engines.

Examples of other possible values for the digital source type property using the recommended IPTC Digital Source Type NewsCodes vocabulary are:

ID (in QCode format) Name Example
digsrctype:digitalCapture Original digital capture sampled from real life:

The digital media is captured from a real-life source using a digital camera or digital recording device

Digital video taken using a digital film, video or smartphone camera

digsrctype:negativeFilm Digitised from a negative on film:

The digital image was digitised from a negative on film on any other transparent medium

Digital photo scanned from a photographic negative

digsrctype:minorHumanEdits Original media with minor human edits:

Minor augmentation or correction by a human, such as a digitally-retouched photo used in a magazine

Original audio with minor edits (e.g. to eliminate breaks)

digsrctype:algorithmicallyEnhanced Algorithmic enhancement:
Minor augmentation or correction by algorithm

A photo that has been digitally enhanced using a mechanism such as Google Photos’ “denoise” feature

digsrctype:dataDrivenMedia Data-driven media:
Digital media representation of data via human programming or creativity

Textual weather report generated by code using readings from weather detection instruments

digsrctype:trainedAlgorithmicMedia Trained algorithmic media:
Digital media created algorithmically using a model derived from sampled content

A “deepfake” video using a combination of a real actor and a trained model


The above list is a subset of the full list of recommended values. See the full IPTC Digital Source Type NewsCodes vocabulary for the complete list.

Guidance on using Digital Source Type

The IPTC Photo Metadata User Guide contains a section on Guidance for using Digital Source Type including examples for various types of media, including images, video, audio and text. The examples referenced in this guide can also apply to NewsML-G2 content.

Where Digital Source Type can be used in NewsML-G2 documents

The new <digitalSourceType> property can be added to the contentMeta section of any G2 NewsItem, PackageItem, KnowledgeItem, ConceptItem or PlanningItem to describe the digital source type of an item in its entirety.

It can also be used in the partMeta section of any G2 NewsItem, PackageItem or KnowledgeItem to describe the digital source type of a part of the item. In this way, content such as a video that includes some captured shots and AI-generated shots can be fully described using NewsML-G2.

Find out more about NewsML-G2 v2.33

All information related to NewsML-G2 2.33 is at

The NewsML-G2 Specification document has been updated to cover the new version 2.33.

Example instance documents are at

Full XML Schema documentation is located at

XML source documents and unit tests are hosted in the public NewsML-G2 GitHub repository.

The NewsML-G2 Generator tool has also been updated to produce NewsML-G2 2.33 files using the version 38 catalog.

For any questions or comments, please contact us via the IPTC Contact Us form or post to the mailing list. IPTC members can ask questions at the weekly IPTC News Architecture Working Group meetings.