"A reel of film unspooling and transforming into a stream of binary digits"
Made with Bing Image Creator. Powered by DALL-E.
“A reel of film unspooling and transforming into a stream of binary digits”
Made with Bing Image Creator. Powered by DALL-E.

Following the IPTC’s recent announcement that Rights holders can exclude images from generative AI with IPTC Photo Metadata Standard 2023.1 , the IPTC Video Metadata Working Group  is very happy to announce that the same capability now exists for video, through IPTC Video Metadata Hub version 1.5.

The “Data Mining” property has been added to this new version of IPTC Video Metadata Hub, which was approved by the IPTC Standards Committee on October 4th, 2023. Because it uses the same XMP identifier as the Photo Metadata Standard property, the existing support in the latest versions of ExifTool will also work for video files.

Therefore, adding metadata to a video file that says it should be excluded from Generative AI indexing is as simple as running this command in a terminal window:

exiftool -XMP-plus:DataMining="Prohibited for Generative AI/ML training" example-video.mp4

(Please note that this will only work in ExifTool version 12.67 and above, i.e. any version of ExifTool released after September 19, 2023)

The possible values of the Data Mining property are listed below:

PLUS URI Description (use exactly this text with ExifTool)


Unspecified – no prohibition defined

http://ns.useplus.org/ldf/vocab/DMI-ALLOWED (Allowed)



Prohibited for AI/ML training


Prohibited for Generative AI/ML training


Prohibited except for search engine indexing




Prohibited, see plus:OtherConstraints


Prohibited, see iptcExt:EmbdEncRightsExpr


Prohibited, see iptcExt:LinkedEncRightsExpr

A corresponding new property “Other Constraints” has also been added to Video Metadata Hub v1.5. This property allows plain-text human-readable constraints to be placed on the video when using the “Prohibited, see plus:OtherConstraints” value of the Data Mining property.

The Video Metadata Hub User Guide and Video Metadata Hub Generator have also been updated to include the new Data Mining property added in version 1.5.

We look forward to seeing video tools (and particularly crawling engines for generative AI training systems) implement the new properties.

Please feel free to discuss the new version of Video Metadata Hub on the public iptc-videometadata discussion group, or contact IPTC via the Contact us form.