For the new version 2.23 of NewsML-G2, the specification part of the Annual Release is now available and can be downloaded from the NewsML-G2 Release Section of the IPTC Developer Site.

The NewsML-G2 standard provides state-of-the-art XML format metadata to combine rich functionality, ease of use, compactness and compatibility with the Semantic Web. It is a single format for exchanging text, images, video, audio news and event or sports data – and packages thereof.

This specification part of the Annual Release of NewsML-G2 v2.23 includes the XML Schemas and the Structure Matrix document. The updated Quick Start Guides, Implementation Guidelines and full specifications will be released in October. This is part of an ongoing incremental development of NewsML-G2, as providers expand their content use-cases.

Three changes/improvements in version 2.23 are:

  1. It allows the addition of further Rights Expression properties <rightsInfo> and now covers these Rights cases:
    –       Allows embedding or referencing a rights expression
    –       Allows use of XML or JSON as format for embedding
  2.  It allows address properties (locality, area, country, etc.) to include a World Region.
  3.  It allows the addition of facets to the Item Class property, this provides for more flexibility.

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