Image on with embedded C2PA Content Credentials, signed with a certificate on the Origin Verified News Publishers List. Clicking on the “learn about this image” link takes the user to the Content Authenticity Initiative’s Verify tool showing the certificate information.

A few months in, things are going very well for the IPTC’s new Media Provenance Committee.

The IPTC Committee was initiated to continue the work started by Project Origin to bring the benefits of C2PA provenance technology to the news media industry. The Committee is chaired by Bruce MacCormack of CBC / Radio Canada.

The Committee has initiated three Working Groups who will be looking at specific issues:

  • The Provenance Governance Working Group, led by Charlie Halford of the BBC.
  • The Provenance Best Practices and Implementation Working Group, led by Helge O. Svela of Media City Bergen.
  • The Provenance Advocacy and Education Working Group, led by Judy Parnall of the BBC.

We have also started the process of onboarding participants for the next phase of the Origin Verified News Publishers List, and have had several organisations already apply.

The first publishers on the list, BBC and CBC/Radio Canada, have already published some C2PA-signed content:

We are planning several events in the future to promote our work and encourage more in the media industry to get involved. Look out for news about IPTC Media Provenance work at the IBC Conference in Amsterdam in September and at other events.

If your organisation would like to be added to the list in the next phase or in the future, please get in touch!