IPTC’s Controlled Vocabulary Catalog for NewsML-G2

The specifications of NewsML-G2 requires to define a Catalog of controlled vocabularies used with this item.

A Catalog provides a mapping of the Scheme-URI – the globally unique and unambiguous identifier for a controlled vocabulary taking the format of a URL – to an alias-string to be used with the QCodes in NewsML-G2 items.

To improve interoperability IPTC has defined a set of controlled vocabularies – branded as NewsCodes – for the use with NewsML-G2 by anybody and a corresponding Catalog file. This file also includes linked non-IPTC vocabularies.

IPTC’s Controlled Vocabulary Catalog for SportsML-G2

This catalog complements the NewsML-G2 catalog by vocabularies for IPTC’s sports data format SportsML-G2.

IPTC Experimental Catalog

This catalog is used for experimental new features and projects that we are currently investigating. It is subject to change at any time and should not be relied upon for live projects in production.

The current version is 3, updated in December 2019.

Download the latest experimental catalog from: