Quick Start with NewsML-G2

A set of Quick Start Guides covers the NewsML-G2 basics and the major media types text, pictures and video plus packages of news. Each Guide provides just enough information to create a working set of NewsML-G2 documents or to process incoming NewsML-G2 documents from external sources.

Specification documents

  • Free-text specification document
  • XML Schema

These specification documents of all recent versions are available in the NewsML-G2 section of the IPTC Developer site.


More information on the latest Catalog file covering IPTC’s controlled vocabularies for NewsML-G2 can be found on this page


The IPTC Developer Site provides technical information about NewsML-G2.

The NewsML-G2 Users Forum is used to share experiences, raise questions and recommend and discuss changes to the NewsML-G2 standard. It also connects publishers who use NewsML-G2 and vendors who create tools that process NewsML-G2 documents.