Work Structure

The Committees, Working Parties and Working Groups of the IPTC are the backbone of the organisation. This page describes what each group contributes to the work of the IPTC.

The Committees conduct IPTC’s activities at a more global level and are responsible for the business of the company.
The Working Parties are responsible for the development of a wider area of technical matters, for narrower areas Working Groups take responsibility.


Board of Directors

Objectives To take responsibility for the organisation as a whole and to develop the guidelines for the work of the IPTC.
Directors … on the About IPTC page

EventsML-G2 Maintenance Working Group

News Codes Working Party

  • Objectives: The maintenance of IPTC metadata controlled vocabularies for categorizing content – branded as NewsCodes – and the creation of new ones when required.
  • Related standard: IPTC Media Topics – see on this web site
  • Public forum:
  • Chair: Heather Edwards (AP) XX

NewsML 1 Maintenance Working Group

  • Objectives: Promote the use of NewsML as the standard packaging and syndication mechanism for multimedia news, by maintaining requirements and functional specifications, and specifying implementation guidelines and best practices.
    This WG drives the future enhancements of the NewsML 1 standard and offers support to NewsML 1 users via an electronic forum.
  • Related standard: NewsML versions 1.x – see on this web site
  • Public forum:
  • Leads: Jayson Lorenzen (Businesswire) Jayson Lorenzen

NewsML-G2 Maintenance Working Group

  • Objectives: Maintenance and further development of NewsML-G2 as a news exchange standard to mark up any kind of general news content.
  • Related standard: NewsML-G2 – see on this web site
  • Public forum:
  • Lead: Dave Compton (Thomson Reuters) DaveCompton1_360x360

News-in-JSON Working Group

  • Objectives: This group has developed ninjs, the IPTC’s standard for content APIs and mobile apps, and currently works on a JSON format for sports data.
  • Related standard: ninjs – see on this web site

NITF Maintenance Working Group


Photo Metadata Working Group

  • Objectives:
    * The goal of this WG is to act as a special interest group regarding all photo metadata issues of the IPTC.
    * The work is not focused on a single standard but will support all current IPTC standards in all photo related areas.
    * The work done will cover in particular supporting the development and maintenance of generic IPTC metadata standards, the development of specific photo metadata standards and acting as a standing group of experts to respond to issues raised by external parties.
  • Related standard: IPTC Photo Metadata: IPTC Core and IPTC Extension  – see see on this web site
  • Public forum:
  • Lead: Michael Steidl (IPTC) XX

Public Relations Committee

  • Objectives: To cover all aspects of IPTC’s public relations.
  • Chairs: Andreas Gebhard (Getty Images) andreas and John Evans (Transtel) John Evans

Rights Expressions Working Group

Semantic Exchange Working Group

  • Objectives: Investigating the value in creating a semantic exchange, a system for identifying, establishing and publishing the links between the subject vocabularies of multiple news providers. 
  • Lead: Evan Sandhaus (New York Times) XX

Semantic Web Working Group

  • Objectives: An initative to reconcile Semantic Web technologies with publishing and exchanging news.
  • Related standard: rNews – see on this web site
  • Public forum: for rNews:
  • Lead: Stuart Myles (AP) StuartMyles1_360x360

Sports Content Working Party

  • Objectives:
    The goal of the Working Party is to identify common problems and areas of cooperation related to sport content. Specifically:
    • Develop, maintain and promote the SportsML-G2 standard
    • Support the development and implementation of other IPTC standards in areas relevant to sport
    • Incorporate or develop other appropriate standards
    • Act as a standing group of experts to respond to issues raised by external parties
  • Related standard: SportsML – see on this web site
  • Public forum:
  • Chairs: Paul Kelly (XML Team)  XX and Johan Lindgren (TT) XX

Standards Committee

  • Objectives: The Standards Committee is IPTC’s body for formal approval of all standards and acts as steering group for the technical development of new standards and the ongoing review of all standards in use.
  • Related standard: all IPTC standards
  • Chair: Stéphane Guérillot (AFP)

Video Metadata Working Group

  • Objectives: The goal of this WG is to define a common set of metadata properties for videos and how they can be expressed in different technical ways typical for video formats.
  • Related standard: none, yet
  • Lead: Michael Steidl (IPTC) XX