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Quick Start Guides pave the way to a more powerful news exchange

Release of 27 February 2014

London (England) — IPTC, the global standards body of the news media, today announced the release of a set of Quick Start Guides to help news vendors and publishers support multimedia publishing, streamlined workflows and efficient news distribution by adopting the NewsML-G2 standard in a few easy steps.

The Quick Start Guides provide just enough information to create a working set of NewsML-G2 documents or to process incoming NewsML-G2 documents from external sources. Individual guides are available for major media types (text, pictures and video), news packages and the basic principles shared across the board. They can be downloaded for free on the IPTC website at

This initiative builds on years of experience and best practices by IPTC member news agencies, including the Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, Austria Presse Agentur, Deutsche Presse Agentur, Press Association and Thomson Reuters, all of which have already implemented NewsML-G2.

NewsML-G2 was created by IPTC members to provide news agencies, vendors, and customers around the world with a uniform method of exchanging multimedia news content. An increasing number of news providers are using the standard to make news, packages of news, event data and editorial planning data available to their customers. More and more editorial systems for newspapers, magazines and broadcasters are also enabled to make use of NewsML-G2.

“The NewsML-G2 standard was developed primarily to support the complex use cases of major news agencies. Today, their powerful and versatile features are attractive to a broader range of digital publishers and these Quick Start Guides are designed to facilitate adoption by news providers large and small”, said Vincent Baby, Chairman of IPTC’s Board of Directors.

In addition to the Quick Start Guides, a rich set of NewsML-G2 documentation is available: XML Schemas support to align news with the standard’s data model, a specification document and a full Implementation Guide help supporting numerous use cases of news delivery. The full package for NewsML-G2 specifications and documentation can be downloaded from


About IPTC:

The IPTC, based in London, brings together the world’s leading news agencies, publishers and industry vendors. It develops and promotes efficient technical standards to improve the management and exchange of information between content providers, intermediaries and consumers. The standards enable easy, cost-effective and rapid innovation and include the news exchange formats NewsML-G2, SportsML-G2 and NITF, rNews for marking up online news, the rights expression language RightsML, Photo Metadata standards, and NewsCodes taxonomies for categorizing news. Visit the web site or follow @IPTC on Twitter.