IPTC Video Metadata Hub - Recommendation 1.3 / all Mappings

See the specification of Video Metadata Hub properties

Mapping recommended on 13 May 2020. Document revision as of 13 May 2020.

Copyright © 2020, IPTC - all rights reserved. Published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

In this table the columns with a blue header are defined by the Video Metadata Hub, the columns with the green or amber headers are defined by other standards or tools.

Note on the column headers:
EBUcore: based on the EBU Core Metadata Standard.
XMP: based on the ISO XMP standard.
PVMD: a specification of JSON properties for Photo and Video MetaData by IPTC (aka phovidmd).

The header of mappings to other standards provides a link to a table including only this mapping (better for printing)

Property Group Property Name Definition / Semantics EBUcore XMP IPTC PVMD JSON Apple Quicktime MPEG 7 NewsML-G2 PB Core 2.1 Schema.org Sony XDCAM & Planning Panasonic/SMPTE P2 Canon VideoClip XML exiftool field ids EIDR Data Fields 2.0
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administrative Circa Date Created Approximate date or range of dates associated with the creation and production of a video. date/@typeDefinition="ivqu:circaDateCreated" or @typeLabel="Circa Date Created"/alternative/@period="...value..." Iptc4xmpExt:CircaDateCreated circaDateCreated VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/contentMetaExtProperty[@rel="entityprop:circaDateCreated"]/@value pbcoreAssetDate / dateType=created / annotation=approximate XMP-iptcExt:CircaDateCreated
administrative Date Created Date and optionally time when the video was created date/created photoshop:DateCreated dateCreated com.apple.quicktime.creationdate CreationInformation/Creation/Date VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/contentCreated pbcoreAssetDate / @dateType=created http://schema.org/dateCreated NonRealTimeMeta/CreationDate ClipMetadata/Access/CreationDate XMP-photoshop:DateCreated
administrative Date Modified Date and optionally time when the video was modified last time date/modified xmp:ModifyDate dateModified VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/contentModified pbcoreAssetDate / @dateType=modified http://schema.org/dateModified NonRealTimeMeta/LastUpdate ClipMetadata/Access/LastUpdateDate XMP-xmp:ModifyDate
administrative Date Released Date and optionally time of the public release of the video date/released xmpDM:releaseDate dateReleased CreationInformation/Classification/Release VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/contentMetaExtProperty[@rel="entityprop:dateReleased"]/@value pbcoreAssetDate / @dateType=released http://schema.org/datePublished XMP-xmpDM:ReleaseDate ReleaseDate (EIDR: year or day date)
administrative Episode Episode in a specific season of a TV or video series this video is a member of. title/@typeLink="ivqu:episode"/dc:title + type OR alternative/@typeLink="ivqu:episode" or for both @typeLabel="Episode Title" Iptc4xmpExt:Episode episode see Property Structure Episode pbcoreAssetType=Episode with @descriptionType=episode http://schema.org/Episode XMP-iptcExt:Episode Series/Episode OR Season/Episode WITH EpisodeInfo
administrative External Metadata URL Link(s) to an external web resource for retrieval of further metadata about this video use relations and relatedInformationLinks for other AV resources or contacts/persons and organisations, events, etc. Iptc4xmpExt:ExternalMetadataLink externalMetadataLinks VMD <--> NMLG2: itemMeta/link[@rel="entityprop:externalMetadata"]/@href pbcoreExtension / [multiple options, including EBUCore relatedInformationLink] XMP-iptcExt:ExternalMetadataLink
administrative Feed Identifier Identifier of the feed/source this video was delivered by identifier/@typeLink="ivqu:feedId" or typeLabel="Feed Id"/dc:identifier Iptc4xmpExt:FeedIdentifier feedIdentifier VMD <--> NMLG2: itemMeta/incomingFeedId XMP-iptcExt:FeedIdentifier EIDR ID(Video Service ID)
administrative Metadata Edit Date Date of the last edit of the metadata of this video. ebuCoreMain/@dateLastModified & ebuCoreMain@/timeLastModified XMP-iptcExt:PlanningRef ProvenanceMetadata/LastModificationDate
administrative Metadata Editor Party doing the last edit of the metadata of this video. ebuCoreMain/metadataProvider (entity structure) XMP-iptcExt:PublicationEvent ProvenanceMetadata/LastModifiiedBy
administrative Metadata Authority Party responsible for the accuracy of the metadata values. ebuCoreMain/metadataProvider (entity structure) + role XMP-iptcExt:Rating ProvenanceMetadata/Administrators/Registrant or .../MetadataAuthority
administrative Planning Reference Reference to a data item used for planning the shooting of this video date/planned Iptc4xmpExt:PlanningRef planningRef VMD <--> NMLG2: itemMeta/deliverableOf/@residref (or other appropriate attribute for item ids) (PlanningMetadata/assignId) XMP-iptcExt:ReleaseReady
administrative Publication Event Date and optionally the time of publishing this video with name and identifier for the event of this publication. publicationEvent/publicationDate Iptc4xmpExt:BroadcastDate publicationEvents see Property Structure Publication Event http://schema.org/releasedEvent XMP-iptcExt:RecDevice registrantExtra with additional details
administrative Rating How the video is rated by a public source or an authority rating/ratingValue or rating/ratingLink where rating is explicitly described like a web reference Iptc4xmpExt:Rating ratings com.apple.quicktime.rating.user CreationInformation/Classification/MediaReview/Rating VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/rating pbcoreAudienceRating http://schema.org/contentRating XMP-iptcExt:RegistryId
administrative Ready for Release An indicator if this video is ready for being released to the public. This depends on rules by the party responsible for the publication. format/technicalAttributeBoolean/@typeLink="ivqu:readyForRelease" or @typeLabel="Ready For Release" Iptc4xmpExt:ReleaseReady releaseReady VMD <--> NMLG2: itemMeta/signal/@uri=".../readyForRelease" pbcoreInstantiationGenerations = Master OR pbcoreInstantiationGenerations = Release XMP-iptcExt:Season
administrative Recording Device Device used for recording this video format/technicalAttributeString/@typeLink="ivqu:recordingDevice" or @typeLabel="Recording Device" Iptc4xmpExt:RecDevice recordingDevice VMD <--> NMLG2: itemMeta/itemMetaExtProperty[@rel="xxx:recDevice] NonRealTimeMeta/Device (see also Property Structure Device below) ClipMetadata/Device (see also Property Structure Device below) VideoClip/Device (see also Property Structure Device below) XMP-iptcExt:Series
administrative Registry Entry Identifier of the video issued by an identified registry. identifier + typeLink="ivqu:registryEntry"/dc:identifier + attributor or typeLabel="Registry Entry" -> ebucore identifier structure to specify the entity, etc. Iptc4xmpExt:RegistryId registryEntries VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/altId.... see details in the Registry structure section instantiationIdentifier / @source=[registry] XMP-iptcExt:StorylineIdentifier AlternateID
administrative Season Season of a TV or video series this video is a member of. title + typeLink="ivqu:season"/dc:title + type OR dc:alternative + typeLink="ivqu:season" or for both typeLabel="Season Title" Iptc4xmpExt:Season season see Property Structure Season pbcoreAssetType=Season with @descriptionType=season http://schema.org/CreativeWorkSeason XMP-iptcExt:ArtworkStylePeriod Season
administrative Series TV or video series this video is a member of. title/@typeLink="ivqu:series"/dc:title + type OR alternative/@ typeLink="ivqu:series" or for both typeLabel="Series Title" Iptc4xmpExt:Series series see Property Structure Series pbcoreAssetType=Season with @descriptionType=series http://schema.org/CreativeWorkSeries XMP-iptcExt:TemporalCoverage Series
administrative Storyline Identifier Identifier(s) of a story evolving over time with which this video is associated identifier + typeLink="ivqu:storylineId"/dc:identifier or typeLabel="Story Line Id" and ebucore identifier structure to identify the source entity and more. Iptc4xmpExt:StorylineIdentifier storylineIdentifiers VMD <--> NMLG2: itemMeta/link[@rel="entityprop:storylineId"]/@href XMP-dc:Identifier
administrative Style Period The style, historical or artistic period, movement, group, or school whose characteristics are represented by the video date/@typeDefinition="ivqu:stylePeriod" or@ typeLabel="Style Period"/alternative/@period="...value..." + Iptc4xmpExt:StylePeriod stylePeriod VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/contentMetaExtProperty[@rel="entityprop:stylePeriod"]/@value pbcoreDescription / @descriptionType=style period OR pbcoreCoverage @descriptionTypeSource=IPTC / @coverageType = temporal XMP-xmpMM:RenditionClass
administrative Temporal Coverage Period of time covered by the video coverage/@typeLabel="Temporal Coverage or @typeLink="ivqu="temporalCoverage"/dc:coverage or use ebucore coverage/temporal structure Iptc4xmpExt:TemporalCoverage temporalCoverage see Property Structure Temporal Coverage http://schema.org/temporalCoverage XMP-xmpMM:VersionID
administrative Parent Video Identifier Globally unambiguous identifier of the video from which this video was derived. hasParent and relationType structure XMP-iptcExt:WorkflowTag ManifestationInfo/Parent
administrative Video Identifier Globally unambiguous identifier of the video regardless of renditions, formats, encodings etc. This identifier should be shared across all renditions. identifier + typeLink="ivqu:mediaId"/dc:identifier or typeLabel="Media Id" and identifier structure to identify the source entity and more. dc:identifier identifier DescriptionMetadata/PublicIdentifier OR MediaInformation/MediaIdentification/EntityIdentifier VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/altId[@role="altidrole:vmhVideoId"] pbcoreIdentifier http://schema.org/sameAs --> ofType VideoObject NonRealTimeMeta/TargetMaterial/@umidRef GlobalClipID XMP-iptcExt:AboutCvTerm EIDR ID // Abstraction
administrative Video Rendition Unambiguous identifier of the video specific to a rendition. identifier + typeLink="ivqu:videoRendition"/dc:identifier or typeLabel="Video Rendition" and identifier structure to identify the source entity and more. xmpMM:RenditionClass rendition VMD <--> NMGL2: contentSet/...[@rendition="...vmd value..."] instantiationIdentifier XMP-iptcExt:DataOnScreen EIDR ID // Manifestation
administrative Video Version Version of the video identified by the Video Identifier version/@typeLink="ivqu:mediaId" or @typeLabel="media Id"/"...value" or identifier + typeLink="ivqu:videoRendition"/dc:identifier or typeLabel="Video Rendition" and identifier structure to identify the source entity and more. xmpMM:VersionID videoVersion VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/altId[@role="altidrole:vmhVideoId"]/@version instantiationGenerations OR pbcoreDescription OR pbcoreAnnotation (depending on the type of version) XMP-dc:Description EIDR ID // Edit
administrative Workflow Tag Indicator for the role of this video in a production workflow. type/@typeLink="ivqu:workflowTag" or typeLabel="Workflow Tag"/objectType/@typeLink or typeLabel with values from taxonomy or free text for typeLabel Iptc4xmpExt:WorkflowTag workflowTag VMD <--> NMLG2: itemMeta/signal/@uri instantiationGenerations XMP-iptcExt:Dopesheet
describing a/v content CV Term About the Content What the video is about expressed by term(s) selected from taxonomies or controlled vocabularies subject/subjectCode, subjectDefinition and/or subject/dc:subject (free text) and possibly a typeLink and/or typeLabel to define a type of subject at a lower level of granularity. This is also possible using the topic and theme elements of EBUCore. Iptc4xmpExt:AboutCvTerm aboutCvTerms CreationInformation/Classification/Subject VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/subject pbcoreSubject http://schema.org/about XMP-iptcExt:DopesheetLink
describing a/v content Data Displayed on Screen Text or other data shown in some region of the image. textLine + typeLink="ivqu:dataOnScreen" or typeLabel="Data On Screen"/text + timeStamp + textLinePosition Iptc4xmpExt:DataOnScreen dataOnScreen VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/description[@role="drol:displayedData"] pbcoreDescription / @descriptionType=Data On Displayed On Screen @descriptionTypeSource=IPTC XMP-iptcExt:OrganisationInImageName XMP-iptcExt:OrganisationInImageCode
describing a/v content Description Textual description of the content of the video description/dc:description plus typeLink or/and typeLabel for defining a type of description as appropriate dc:description description com.apple.quicktime.description CreationInformation/Creation/Abstract VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/description[@role="drol:caption" {or a similar one}] pbcoreDescription http://schema.org/caption NonRealTimeMeta/Description ClipMetadata/MemoList/Memo/Text VideoClip/Description XMP-iptcExt:Genre Description
describing a/v content Dopesheet Shotlist with descriptions description + typeLink="ivqu:dopesheet" or typeLabel="Dopesheet"/dc:description Iptc4xmpExt:Dopesheet dopesheet VMD <--> NMGL2: contentSet/description[@role="drole:dopesheet"] pbcoreDescription / @descriptionType=shotlist XMP-iptcExt:Headline
describing a/v content Dopesheet Link Link(s) to an external web resource providing a shotlist with descriptions relation/@typeLink="ivqu:dopesheetLink" or @typeLabel="Dopesheet Link"/relationLink Iptc4xmpExt:DopesheetLink dopesheetLinks VMD <--> NMGL2: contentSet/description[@role="drole:dopesheet"]/@href XMP-dc:Subject
describing a/v content Featured Organisation Organisation(s) featured by the content of the video contributor/@typeLink="ivqu:featuredOrganisation" or typeLabel="Featured Organisation"/organisationDetails/organisationName or ebucore entity structure from more details and options Iptc4xmpExt:OrganisationInImageName Iptc4xmpExt:OrganisationInImageCode featuredOrganisations VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/subject[@type="cpnat:organisation"] pbcoreSubject / @subjectType=featured organization @subjectTypeSource=IPTC http://schema.org/about --> ofType http://schema.org/Organization XMP-dc:Language
describing a/v content Genre Artistic, style, journalistic, product or other genre(s) of the video. type/genre(@typeLink and @typeLabel with values from taxonomies Iptc4xmpExt:Genre genres com.apple.quicktime.genre CreationInformation/Classification/Genre VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/genre pbcoreGenre http://schema.org/genre XMP-iptcExt:LocationCreated
describing a/v content Headline Short description of the content of the video description/@typeLink="ivqu:headline" and @typeLabel="Headline"/dc:description Iptc4xmpExt:Headline headline VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/headline pbcoreDescription / @descriptionType=headline @descriptionTypeSource=IPTC http://schema.org/headline XMP-iptcExt:LocationShown
describing a/v content Keyword What the video is about expressed by a free choice of descriptive phrases or keywords description/@typeLink="ivqu:keyword" or @typeLabel="Keyword"/dc:description dc:subject keywords com.apple.quicktime.keywords CreationInformation/Classification/Subject VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/keyword pbcoreSubject / @subjectType=keyword http://schema.org/keywords XMP-iptcExt:ArtworkOrObject
describing a/v content Language Version Language version of the video language/@typeLink="ivqu:languageVersion" or @typeLabel="Language Version"/dc:language dc:language language CreationInformation/Classification/Language VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/language instantiationLanguage http://schema.org/inLanguage - use one of the language codes from the IETF BCP 47 standard. XMP-iptcExt:PersonHeard VersionLanguage
describing a/v content Location Shot Place from where the video was shot, in particular where the camera was located coverage/spatial/location/@typeLink="ivqu:locationShot" or @typeLabel="Location Shot"/name or use ebucore location structure for more granularity Iptc4xmpExt:LocationCreated locationsCreated See location structure + com.apple.quicktime.location.role="0" CreationInformation/Creation/CreationCoordinates/Location VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/located http://schema.org/locationCreated PlanningMetadata/Properties/Meta[@name="Location"] ClipMetadata/Shoot/Location/... VideoClip/Location (see also Property Structure Location below) XMP-iptcExt:PersonInImageWDetails
describing a/v content Location Shown Place(s) shown by the video coverage/spatial/location/@typeLink="ivqu:locationShown" or @typeLabel="Location Shown"/name or use ebucore location structure for more granularity Iptc4xmpExt:LocationShown locationsShown See location structure + com.apple.quicktime.location.role="1" (?? 1 the right role value) VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/subject[@type="cpnat:POI"] pbcoreCoverage / @coverageType=spatial http://schema.org/contentLocation XMP-iptcExt:ProductInImage
describing a/v content Object Shown Object(s) shown by the video Artefact + timestamp + position Iptc4xmpExt:ArtworkOrObject objectsShown VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/subject[@type="cpnat:object"] pbcoreSubject / @subjectType=object @subjectTypeSource=IPTC http://schema.org/about --> ofType http://schema.org/Thing XMP-iptcExt:VideoShotType
describing a/v content Person Heard Person(s) who can be heard only in the video contributor/@typeLink="ivqu:personHeard" or typeLabel="Person Heard"/organisationDetails/organisationName or ebucore entity structure from more details and options. For timed identification use part/contributor Iptc4xmpExt:PersonHeard personsHeard VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/subject[@type="cpnat:person"] pbcoreSubject / @subjectType=person heard @subjectTypeSource=IPTC OR pbcoreContributor / contributorRole=person heard @source=IPTC XMP-iptcExt:ShownEvent Actor
describing a/v content Person Shown Person(s) shown by the video contributor/@typeLink="ivqu:personShown" or typeLabel="Person Shown"/organisationDetails/organisationName or ebucore entity structure from more details and options. For timed identification use part/contributor Iptc4xmpExt:PersonInImageWDetails personsShown VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/subject[@type="cpnat:person"] pbcoreSubject / @subjectType=person shown @subjectTypeSource=IPTC OR pbcoreContributor / contributorRole=person shown @source=IPTC http://schema.org/about --> ofType http://schema.org/Person XMP-iptcExt:SnapshotLink Actor
describing a/v content Product Shown Product(s) identified by a GTIN code shown by the video subject + typeLink="ivqu:productShown"/subjectCode + subjectDefinition OR description + typeLink="ivqu:productShown"/dc:description Iptc4xmpExt:ProductInImage productsShown VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/subject[@type=""cpnat:object""]/... see details in the Production Shown ... structure section" pbcoreSubject / @subjectType=product @subjectTypeSource=IPTC http://schema.org/about --> ofType http://schema.org/Thing XMP-dc:Title
describing a/v content Shot Type Visual type(s) of the video type/objectType or format/technicalAttributeString or type/objectType or format/technicalAttributeUri in association with ad-hoc taxonomy Iptc4xmpExt:VideoShotType videoShotTypes VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/genre/@uri="...shot type vocab ..." pbcoreDescription / @descriptionType=Shot Type @descriptionTypeSource=IPTC XMP-iptcExt:Transcript
describing a/v content Shown Event Event(s) shown by the video Event/name or more using the ebucore event structure Iptc4xmpExt:EventExt shownEvents VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/subject[@type="cpnat:event"] pbcoreSubject / @subjectType=event http://schema.org/about --> ofType http://schema.org/Event XMP-iptcExt:TranscriptLink
describing a/v content Snapshot Link A still image representing the video. format/locator/@typeLink="ivqu:snapshotLink" or @typeLabel="Snapshot Link" Iptc4xmpExt:SnapshotLink snapshotLinks VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/icon[@href] NonRealTimeMeta/KeyFrame XMP-iptcExt:VisualColour
describing a/v content Title Title of the video, should be a shorthand reference title/dc:title dc:title title com.apple.quicktime.title CreationInformation/Creation/Title VMD <--> NMLG2: itemMeta/title pbcoreTitle ? http://schema.org/name NonRealTimeMeta/Title ClipMetadata/UserClipName VideoClip/Title XMP-iptcExt:Contributor ResourceName
describing a/v content Transcript Transcription of the video description/@typeLink="ivqu:transcript" or typeLabel="Transcript"/dc:description or use textLine structure Iptc4xmpExt:Transcript transcript VMD <--> NMLG2: contentSet/....[@rendition="rnd:transcript"] pbcoreDescription / @descriptionType=Transcript http://schema.org/transcript XMP-dc:Rights
describing a/v content Transcript Link Link(s) to an external web resource providing a transcription of the video relation/@typeLink="ivqu:transcriptLink" or @typeLabel="Transcript Link"/relationLink Iptc4xmpExt:TranscriptLink transcriptLinks VMD <--> NMLG2: contentSet/remoteContent[@rendition="rnd:transcript"]/@href XMP-iptcExt:CopyrightYear
describing a/v content Visual Colour The visual colouring of the video. format/technicalAttributeString +typeLink ='ivqu:visualColour" Iptc4xmpExt:VisualColour visualColour VMD <--> NMLG2: contentSet/....[@colourindicator="...value..."] XMP-iptcExt:Creator
rights Contributor Party or parties (person or organisation) which contributed to the video, refinement by the role attribute. contributor/role for contributors and ebucore entity structure for more granularity Iptc4xmpExt:Contributor contributors CreationInformation/Creation/Creator VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/contributor[@role="..."] pbcoreContributor (with contributorRole) http://schema.org/contributor XMP-photoshop:Credit Credits/Director OR Credits/Actor
rights Copyright Notice Any textual notice necessary by legal needs or common use to indicate the current owner of the copyright of this media resource rights/copyrightStatement dc:rights copyrightNotice com.apple.quicktime.copyright CreationInformation/Creation/CopyrightString VMD <--> NMLG2: rightsInfo/copyrightNotice pbcoreRightsSummary http://schema.org/copyrightYear XMP-plus:Licensor
rights Copyright Year Year appearing in the copyright notice as numeric value date/copyrighted Iptc4xmpExt:CopyrightYear copyrightYear com.apple.quicktime.year VMD <--> NMLG2: rightsInfo/rightsInfoExtProperty[@rel="rightsprop:copyrightyear"]/@value=...vdm value..." pbcoreRightsSummary OR use pbcoreRightsSummary/rightsEmbedded with specific XML from another standard (Use http://schema.org/copyrightYear + http://schema.org/copyrightHolder) XMP-plus:ModelReleaseID
rights Creator Party or parties (person or organisation) which created the video, refinement by the role attribute. creator/role for creators OR contributor/role for creators and ebucore entity structure for more granularity Iptc4xmpExt:Creator creators com.apple.quicktime.artist com.apple.quicktime.author com.apple.quicktime.director CreationInformation/Creation/Creator VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/creator[@role="..."] pbcoreCreator (with creatorRole) http://schema.org/creator NonRealTimeMeta/Creator ClipMetadata/Access/Creator VideoClip/Creator XMP-plus:ModelReleaseStatus Credits/Director OR Credits/Actor OR AssociatedOrg/@role="producer"
rights Credit Line Credit to person(s) and/or organisation(s) required by the supplier of the video (clip) to be used when published. rights/@typeLink="ivqu:creditline" or @typeLabel="Credit Line"/dc:rights or use ebucore contributor and granularity of the enty structure to build the credit list contributor by contributor and their respective roles. photoshop:Credit creditLine VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/creditline pbcorePublisher / publisherRole=presenter XMP-plus:PropertyReleaseID
rights Licensor Company or person to be contacted for licensing rights/rightsHolder + role/@typeLink="ivqu:licensor" or @typeLabel="Licensor" plus:Licensor licensor VMD <--> NMLG2: rightsInfo/rightsInfoExtProperty[@rel="rightsprop:licensor"]/@uri (for the VMD Id) + /name (for the VMD name) pbcorePublisher / publisherRole=Licensor @source=IPTC XMP-plus:PropertyReleaseStatus
rights Model Release Document Identifier(s) of a Model Release document. rights/@typeLink="ivqu:modelRelease" or @typeLabel="Model Release"/dc:rights plus:ModelReleaseID modelReleaseDocuments VMD <--> NMLG2: rightsInfo/rightsInfoExtProperty[@rel= "rightsprop:modelReleaseId"]/@value pbcoreRightsSummary / rightsLink XMP-iptcExt:EmbdEncRightsExpr XMP-iptcExt:LinkedEncRightsExpr
rights Model Release Status Summarises the availability and scope of model releases authorizing usage of the likenesses of persons appearing in the video rights/@typeLink="ivqu:modelReleaseStatus" or @typeLabel="Model Release Status"/dc:rights plus:ModelReleaseStatus modelReleaseStatus VMD <--> NMLG2: rightsInfo/rightsInfoExtProperty[@rel= "rightsprop:modelReleaseStat"]/@uri pbcoreRightsSummary OR use pbcoreRightsSummary/rightsEmbedded with specific XML from another standard XMP-plus:CopyrightOwner
rights Property Release Document Identifier(s) of a Property Release document. rights/@typeLink="ivqu:propertyReleaseDocument" or @typeLabel="Property Release Document"/dc:rights plus:PropertyReleaseID propertyReleaseDocuments UsageInformation/RightsID VMD <--> NMLG2: rightsInfo/rightsInfoExtProperty[@rel= "rightsprop:propReleaseId"]/@value pbcoreRightsSummary / rightsLink Potentionally http://schema.org/license but defined as "A license document that applies to this content, typically indicated by URL." XMP-plus:ImageSupplier
rights Property Release Status Summarises the availability and scope of property releases authorising usage of the properties appearing in the photograph. rights/@typeLink="ivqu:propertyReleaseStatus" or @typeLabel="Property Release Status"/dc:rights plus:PropertyReleaseStatus propertyReleaseStatus VMD <--> NMLG2: rightsInfo/rightsInfoExtProperty[@rel= "rightsprop:propReleaseStat"]/@uri pbcoreRightsSummary OR use pbcoreRightsSummary/rightsEmbedded with specific XML from another standard XMP-iptcExt:SupplyChainSource
rights Rights and Licensing Terms Structure covering the assertion of rights, the granting of licenses and both in human and a machine readable ways (including restrictions, embargoes, duties ...) rights/@typeLink="ivqu:extRights" or @typeLabel="Rights and Licensing Terms"/dc:rights Iptc4xmpExt:EmbdEncRightsExpr Iptc4xmpExt:LinkedEncRightsExpr embdEncRightsExpr, linkedEncRightsExpr VMD <--> NMLG2: see details in the EERE structure section and see details in the LERE structure section pbcoreRightsSummary OR use pbcoreRightsSummary/rightsEmbedded with specific XML from another standard XMP-iptcExt:AudioBitsPerSample
rights Rights Owner Data identifying the individual or organisation owning the rights for this media resource which could be the video as a whole or a clip in a video. The optional role attribute may indicate which facet of rights is covered by this entity. rights/rightsHolder/@typeLink="ivqu:copyrightOwner" or @typeLabel="Copyright Owner" -> see ebucore entity structure for person or organisation plus:CopyrightOwner copyrightOwners com.apple.quicktime.publisher UsageInformation/Availability/Dissemination/Disseminator or CreationInformation/Creation/Creator[@role='publisher'] VMD <--> NMLG2: rightsInfo/CopyrightHolder/@uri (for the VMD Id) + /name (for the VMD name) pbcorePublisher / publisherRole=Rights Owner @source=IPTC OR pbcoreRightsSummary/rightsEmbedded with specific XML from another standard http://schema.org/copyrightHolder XMP-iptcExt:AudioBitRate
rights Supplier Supplier of this copy of the media resource contributor/role/@typeLink="ivqu:supplier" or @typeLabel="Supplier" plus:ImageSupplier supplier VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/infoSource[@role="isrol:contentSource"]/name pbcoreRightsSummary OR use pbcoreRightsSummary/rightsEmbedded with specific XML from another standard XMP-iptcExt:AudioBitRateMode AssociatedOrg/@role="distributor"
rights Supply Chain Source Person or party who has a role in the content supply chain. contributor/role="ivqu:supplychainSource" Iptc4xmpExt:SupplyChainSource supplyChainSources VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/infoSource[@role="isrol:imageSupplier"]/@uri AND/OR /name OR pbcorePublisher / publisherRole=distributor XMP-xmpDM:AudioChannelType
technical Audio Bitrate Bit rate of the audio data depending on the Video Bit Rate Type: if fixed the fixed rate, if variable the maximum rate format/audioFormat/bitRate Iptc4xmpExt:audioBitRate audioBitRate VMD <--> NMLG2: contentSet/remoteContent/@audiobitrate essenceTrackDataRate See File Bitrate EssenceList/Audio/BitPerSample XMP-iptcExt:AudioChannelCount
technical Audio Bitrate Type Indicates if the bitrate of the audio data is fixed or variable format/audioFormat/bitRateMode Iptc4xmpExt:audioBitRateMode audioBitRateType VMD <--> NMLG2: contentSet/remoteContent/@audiovbr XMP-xmpDM:AudioCompressor
technical Audio Bits per Sample Number of bits used for an audio sample format/audioFormat/sampleSize Iptc4xmpExt:audioBitsPerSample audioBitsPerSample VMD <--> NMLG2: contentSet/remoteContent/@audiosamplesize essenceTrackBitDepth XMP-xmpDM:AudioSampleRate md:SampleBitDepth (at track level details)
technical Audio Channel Layout Term indicating the channel layout format/audioFormat/audioTrackConfiguration xmpDM:audioChannelType audioChannelLayout VMD <--> NMLG2: contentSet/remoteContent/@audiochannels instantiationChannelConfiguration NonRealTimeMeta/AudioFormat XMP-iptcExt:VideoDisplayAspectRatio
technical Audio Channels Number of used audio channels format/audioFormat/channels Iptc4xmpExt:audioChannelCount audioChannelCount MediaInformation/MediaProfile/MediaFormat/AudioCoding/AudioChannels --- NonRealTimeMeta/AudioFormat/@numOfChannel add one marker to XMP-xmpDM:Markers
technical Audio Coding Machine readable code and a human readable term for the used audio coding format/audioFormat/encoding xmpDM:audioCompressor audioCoding MediaInformation/MediaProfile/MediaFormat/AudioCoding/Format VMD <--> NMLG2: contentSet/remoteContent/@audiocodec essenceTrackEncoding http://schema.org/encodingFormat NonRealTimeMeta/AudioFormat/AudioRecPort/@audioCodec (always uncompressed) add one marker to XMP-xmpDM:Markers md:Codec (at track level details)
technical Audio Sample Rate Rate used for sampling the audio format/audioFormat/samplingRate xmpDM:audioSampleRate audioSampleRate MediaInformation/MediaProfile/MediaFormat/AudioCoding/Sample/@rate VMD <--> NMLG2: contentSet/remoteContent/@audiosamplerate essenceTrackSamplingRate EssenceList/Audio/SamplingRate add one marker to XMP-xmpDM:Markers md:SampleRate (at track level details)
technical Display Aspect Ratio Ratio of width and height of the displayed image. (Width and height do not require to be in pixels.) aspectRatio/@typeLink="ivqu:displayAspectRatio" or @typeLabel=""Display Aspect Ratio" / factorNumerator and factorDenominator for e.g. 16/9 or 16:9... Iptc4xmpExt:videoDisplayAspectRatio videoDisplayAspectRatio VMD <--> NMLG2: contentSet/remoteContent/@videoaspectratio essenceTrackAspectRatio / @annotation=Display Aspect Ratio NonRealTimeMeta/VideoFormat/VideoLayout/@aspectRatio EssenceList/Video/AspectRatio XMP-xmpDM:FileDataRate
technical Editorial Duration Duration of the video content proposed for editorial use format/duration/@typeLink="ivqu:editorialDuration" or @typeLabel="Editorial Duration" xmpDM:marker[xmpDM:type= "ivqu:editorialUseStart"] /xmpDM:duration editorialDurations --- XMP-xmpDM:Duration ApproximateLength
technical Editorial Duration End The point in time and frames the content proposed for editorial use ends format/end/@typeLink="ivqu:editorialDurationEnd" or @typeLabel="Editorial Duration End" xmpDM:marker[xmpDM:type= "ivqu:editorialUseEnd"] /xmpDM:startTime editorialDurationEnds VMD <--> NMLG2: partMeta/timeDelim/@end + partMeta/role[@qcode="pmrole:editorialUse"] EssenceList/Video/EndTimecode XMP-iptcExt:ContainerFormat
technical Editorial Duration Start The point in time and frames the content proposed for editorial use starts format/start/@typeLink="ivqu:editorialDurationStart" or @typeLabel="Editorial Duration Start" xmpDM:marker[xmpDM:type= "ivqu:editorialUseStart"] /xmpDM:startTime editorialDurationStarts VMD <--> NMLG2: partMeta/timeDelim/@start + partMeta/role[@qcode="pmrole:editorialUse"] instantiationTimeStart EssenceList/Video/StartTimecode XMP-xmpDM:VideoFrameSize
technical File Bitrate The total bit rate of the all media streams in this file. format/overallBitRate xmpDM:fileDataRate fileBitrate --- instantiationDataRate http://schema.org/bitrate XMP-dc:Format
technical File Duration Duration of the overall video (from the first to the last frame) format/duration xmpDM:duration fileDuration MediaTime/MediaDuration VMD <--> NMLG2: contentSet/remoteContent/@duration instantiationDuration http://pending.schema.org/duration NonRealTimeMeta/Duration Duration XMP-tiff:Orientation
technical File Format Format of the file containing the video data. format/containerformat/containerEncoding (@typeLabel, @typeLabel for taxonomies or free text) and more using the containerFormat structure for more granularity Iptc4xmpExt:ContainerFormat fileFormat MediaInformation/MediaProfile/MediaFormat/FileFormat VMD <--> NMLG2: contentSet/remoteContent/@formaturi instantiationStandard http://schema.org/fileFormat XMP-xmpDM:VideoPixelAspectRatio
technical Frame Size Size of the video frame in pixels format/videoFormat/width and height xmpDM:videoFrameSize frameSize MediaInformation/MediaProfile/MediaFormat/VisualCoding/Frame/@height OR MediaInformation/MediaProfile/MediaFormat/VisualCoding/Frame/@width VMD <--> NMLG2: contentSet/remoteContent/@width + /@height instantiationDimensions essenceTrackFrameSize http://schema.org/videoFrameSize see Property Structure Frame Size see Property Structure Frame Size XMP-xmpDM:VideoFieldOrder
technical Media Type IANA Media Type of the video. format/mimeType dc:format mediaType VMD <--> NMLG2: contentSet/remoteContent/@contenttype instantiationDigital http://schema.org/contentType XMP-iptcExt:StreamReady md:CodecType
technical Orientation Orientation of the visual content of the video as defined by TIFF. format/imageFormat/orientation tiff:orientation orientation VMD <--> NMLG2: contentSet/remoteContent/@orientation XMP-iptcExt:VideoBitRate
technical Signal Aspect Ratio Ratio of width and height in pixels of a frame aspectRatio/@typeLink="ivqu:signalAspectRatio" or @typeLabel="Signal Aspect Ratio" xmpDM:videoPixelAspectRatio signalAspectRatio --- essenceTrackAspectRatio / @annotation=Signal Aspect Ratio XMP-iptcExt:VideoBitRateMode md:AspectRatio
technical Signal Format Combined term including the size of the frame, interlaced/progressive, framerate format/videoFormat/technicalAttributeString/@typeLink="ivqu:signalFormat" or @typeLabel="Signal Format" xmpDM:videoFieldOrder signalFormat --- instantiationStandard XMP-xmpDM:VideoCompressor
technical Stream-ready Indicates if this video can be used for streaming by the rule of having the key technical data of the video at the start rather than end of the file and that the wrapper and essense format are suitable for streaming format/technicalAttributeString + @typeLink="ivqu:streamReady" or @typeLabel="Stream ready" Iptc4xmpExt:StreamReady streamReady --- instantiationGenerations=Stream-ready @source=IPTC XMP-xmpDM:VideoFrameRate
technical Video Bitrate Bit rate of the video data depending on the Video Bit Rate Type: if fixed the fixed rate, if variable the maximum rate format/videoFormat/bitRate Iptc4xmpExt:videoBitRate videoBitrate VMD <--> NMLG2: contentSet/remoteContent/@videobitrate essenceTrackDataRate See File Bitrate XMP-iptcExt:VideoEncodingProfile md:BitrateMax
technical Video Bitrate Type Indicates if the bitrate of the video data is fixed or variable format/videoFormat/bitRateMode Iptc4xmpExt:videoBitRateMode videoBitrateType MediaInformation/MediaProfile/MediaFormat/BitRate/@average VMD <--> NMLG2: contentSet/remoteContent/@videovbr XMP-iptcExt:VideoStreamsCount
technical Video Coding Machine readable code and a human readable term for the used video coding format/videoFormat/encoding xmpDM:videoCompressor videoCoding VMD <--> NMLG2: contentSet/remoteContent/@videocodecuri essenceTrackEncoding http://schema.org/encodingFormat NonRealTimeMeta/VideoFormat/VideoFrame/@videoCodec EssenceList/Video/Codec see above, as required md:Codec
technical Video Frame Rate Used frame rate format/videoFormat/frameRate xmpDM:videoFrameRate videoFrameRate MediaInformation/MediaProfile/MediaFormat/VisualCoding/Format VMD <--> NMLG2: contentSet/remoteContent/@videoframerate essenceTrackFrameRate NonRealTimeMeta/VideoFormat/VideoFrame/@formatFps EssenceList/Video/FrameRate md:FrameRate
technical Video Profile Name of the used video profile as defined by the maker of the encoding standard. format/videoFormat/encoding/profile Iptc4xmpExt:videoEncodingProfile videoEncodingProfile MediaInformation/MediaProfile/MediaFormat/VisualCoding/Frame/@rate --- NonRealTimeMeta/VideoFormat/VideoFrame/@videoCodec
technical Video Streams Count Count of video streams in a video file. format/videoFormat/technicalAttributeInteger [@typeLink="ivqu:videoStreamCount" or@typeLabel="Video Stream Count"] if same format for all video channel, other number of videoFormats provide in the current metadata file Iptc4xmpExt:videoStreamsCount videoStreamsCount --- instantiationTracks CvId
tool Markers A marker describes a location in an audio or video sequence. It is used to identify for which part of the video (a clip of the video as a whole) a set of IPTC Video Metadata properties is used. use part + description or other metadata for timed markers of different custom types xmpDM:marker NA VMD <--> NMLG2: partMeta pbcoreInstatiation / @startTime @endTime OR pbcorePart / @startTime @endTime OR instantiationPart / @startTime @endTime CvTermId
Property Structures (PS) CvTermName
PS CV-Term CvTerm CvTermRefinedAbout
CV-Term CV ID Globally unique identifier of the Controlled Vocabulary the term is from. ebucore:typeThesaurus Iptc4xmpExt:CvId cvId VMD <--> NMLG2: Scheme URI (= Scheme Alias resolved to a URI) property/@qcode
CV-Term ID Globally unique identifier of the term from a Controlled Vocabulary. ebucore:typeLink Iptc4xmpExt:CvTermId cvTermId VMD <--> NMLG2: a concept's identifier: @uri or @qcode property/@uri or property/@qcode Manufacturer
CV-Term name Natural language name of the term from a Controlled Vocabulary. ebucore:typeLabel Iptc4xmpExt:CvTermName cvTermName VMD <--> NMLG2: a concept's <name> property/name ModelName
Refined 'aboutness' of the CV-Term Refinement of the 'about' relationship of the term with the content. In ebucore, this is logically and contextually defined by the relation for which a controlled term is used Iptc4xmpExt:CvTermRefinedAbout cvTermRefinedAbout VMD <--> NMLG2: if available by a property: @role property/@role SerialNumber
PS Device Device is used in EBU CCDM, not EBUCore Device AttLensDescription
Manufacturer Name of the manufacturer of the device Iptc4xmpExt:Manufacturer manufacturer PROPERTY/name[@role="nrol:manufacturer"] manufacturer Manufacturer Manufacturer OwnersDeviceId
Model Name Name of the device model Iptc4xmpExt:ModelName modelName PROPERTY/name[@role="nrol:devicemodel"] modelName ModelName ModelName
Serial Number Serial number, assigned by manufacturer Iptc4xmpExt:SerialNumber serialNumber PROPERTY/name[@role="nrol:deviceserialno"] serialNo SerialNo. SerialNo RightsExprLangId
Attached Lens Description Short description of the lens used with the device at the time of the recording Iptc4xmpExt:AttLensDescription attLensDescription Lens RightsExprEncType
Owner´s Device ID Identifier assigned by the owner of the device Iptc4xmpExt:OwnersDeviceId ownerDeviceId PROPERTY/@uri or @literal EncRightsExpr
PS Embedded Encoded Rights Expression EmbdEncRightsExpr
Rights Expression Language ID Identifier of the rights expression language used by the rights expression. rights/rightsID Iptc4xmpExt:RightsExprLangId rightsExprLangId VMD <--> NMLG2: rightsInfo/link[@rel="rightsprop:linkedEncRightExpr"]/@formaturi Identifier
Encoding type Encoding type of the rights expression, identified by an IANA Media Type. rights/typeLabel Iptc4xmpExt:RightsExprEncType rightsExprEncType VMD <--> NMLG2: rightsInfo/link[@rel="rightsprop:linkedEncRightsExpr"]/ @contenttype Name
Encoded Rights Expression Embedded serialized rights expression using a rights expression language which is encoded as a string. rights/dc:rights or rights/rightsLink Iptc4xmpExt:EncRightsExpr encRightsExpr VMD <--> NMLG2: rightsInfo/rightsExpressionXML or rightsInfo/rightsExpressionData
PS Entity or Concept Entity Identifier
Identifier Globally unique identifier of the entity/concept entityId or contactId or organisationId, otherwsie each class in EBUCore has its own ID. For concepts, the ID is part of the termID/URI xmp:identifier identifiers VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/@uri Name
Name Full name of the entity/concept contactDetails/Name or /givenName+ /familyName or organisationName or simialr for other classes or typeLabel for taxonomies Iptc4xmpExt:Name name VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/name Role
PS Entity or Concept with role EntityWRole
Identifier Globally unique identifier of the entity/concept entityId or contactId or organisationId xmp:identifier identifiers VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/@uri Name
Name Full name of the entity/concept contactDetails/Name or /givenName+ /familyName or organisation/organisationName Iptc4xmpExt:Name name VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/name Number
Role Identifier of the role the entity has in the context of the metadata property role Iptc4xmpExt:Role role VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/@role Identifier
PS Episode or Season of Series isEpisodeOf, isSeasonOf, hasEpisode, hasSeason, hasSeries, isSeriesOf EpisodeSeason
Name Name of the episode or season of a series title/ @typeLink="ivqu:episodeTitle" or typeLabel="Episode Title" OR @typeLink="ivqu:seasonTitle" or @typeLabel="Season Title"/dc:title + type OR dc:alternative + type - also applies to series in EBUCore Iptc4xmpExt:Name name VMD <--> NMLG2: itemMeta/memberOf/name & /related/@rel="crel:isA" & @qcode="mediabusinesscpt:episode OR season" W
Number Number of the episode or season of a series title + typeLink="ivqu:episodeNo OR ivqu:seasonNo"/dc:title + type OR dc:alternative + type or similar use with alternative/dc:alternative - also applies to series in EBUCore Iptc4xmpExt:Number number VMD <--> NMLG2: itemMeta/memberOf/related/@rel="???:numberInSeq" @value="...number..." @valuedatatype="xs:integer" /related/@rel="crel:isA" & @qcode="mediabusinesscpt:episode OR season" H
Identifier Identifier of the episode or season of a series identifier/@typeLink="ivqu:episodeIdentifier" or @typeLabel="Episode Identifier" OR or similar of r Season - also applies to series in EBUCore Iptc4xmpExt:Identifier identifier VMD <--> NMLG2: itemMeta/memberOf/@uri & /related/@rel="crel:isA" & @qcode="mediabusinesscpt:episode OR season" Unit
PS Frame Size FrameSize
Width Width of the video frame in pixels format/width stDim:w widthPixels VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/@width NonRealTimeMeta/VideoFormat/VideoLayout/@pixel EssenceList/Video/ActivePixel RightsExprLangId
Height Height of the video frame in pixels format/height or format/lines stDim:h heightPixels VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/@height NonRealTimeMeta/VideoFormat/VideoLayout/@numOfVerticalLine EssenceList/Video/ActiveLine RightsExprEncType
Measure Unit Units of width and height values, fixed value "pixels" width/@unit and height/@unit stDim:unit unitPixels LinkedRightsExpr
PS Linked Encoded Rights Expression LinkedEncRightsExpr
Rights Expression Language ID Identifier of the rights expression language used by the rights expression. rights/@rightsID Iptc4xmpExt:RightsExprLangId rightsExprLangId VMD <--> NMLG2: rightsInfo/link[@rel="rightsprop:linkedEncRightExpr"]/@formaturi Link
Encoding type Encoding type of the rights expression, identified by an IANA Media Type. rights/rightsEncoding/@typeLabel or @typeLink is existing taxonomy Iptc4xmpExt:RightsExprEncType rightsExprEncType VMD <--> NMLG2: rightsInfo/link[@rel="rightsprop:linkedEncRightsExpr"]/ @contenttype LinkQualifier
Link to Encoded Rights Expression Link to a rights expression using a rights expression language. rights/rightsLink Iptc4xmpExt:RightsExprLangId linkedRightsExpr VMD <--> NMLG2: rightsInfo/link[@rel="rightsprop:linkedEncRightExpr"]/@href ImageRole
PS Linked Image the format element is about an image LinkedImage Format
Image Link Link URL locating the image resource format/Locator Iptc4xmpExt:Link link WidthPixels
Image Qualifier Qualifier of the relationship of the image with the video format/imageFormat/technicalAttributeUri or @typeLink Iptc4xmpExt:LinkQualifier linkQualifiers HeightPixels
Image Role Role of this image in the context of the video format/imageFormat/technicalAttributeString or @typeLabel Iptc4xmpExt:ImageRole role (see Property Structure Video Time)
Media Type IANA Media (MIME) Type format/mimeType dc:format mediaType
Image Width Width of the image, in pixels format/imageFormat/width Iptc4xmpExt:WidthPixels widthPixels LocationId
Image Height Height of the image, in pixels format/imageFormat/height Iptc4xmpExt:HeightPixels heightPixels Name
Used Video Frame Frame of the video used for this still image. format/Locator with W3C fragment locator Iptc4xmpExt:UsedVideoFrame usedVideoFrame Sublocation
PS Location Location City
Identifier Globally unique identifier of the location coverage/spatial/location/locationId xmp:identifier identifiers VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/related[@rel="skos:exactMatch"]/@uri ProvinceState
Name Full name of the location coverage/spatial/location/name Iptc4xmpExt:LocationName name com.apple.quicktime.location.name VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/name PlaceName PlaceName CountryName
Sublocation name Name of a sub location the Location is located in coverage/spatial/location/name (multi-occurence +typeLabel or typeLink, etc.) Iptc4xmpExt:Sublocation sublocation VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/POIDetails/line CountryCode
City name Name of the city the Location is located in coverage/spatial/location/name (multi-occurence +typeLabel or typeLink, etc.) Iptc4xmpExt:City city VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/POIDetails/locality/name WorldRegion
State/Province name Name of the state or province the Location is located in coverage/spatial/location/name (multi-occurence +typeLabel or typeLink, etc.) Iptc4xmpExt:StateProvince provinceState VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/POIDetails/area/name GPSLongitude
Country name Name of the country the Location is located in coverage/spatial/location/name (multi-occurence +typeLabel or typeLink, etc.) Iptc4xmpExt:CountryName countryName VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/POIDetails/country/name GPSLatitude
Country ISO code ISO code of the country the Location is located in coverage/spatial/location/code Iptc4xmpExt:CountryCode countryCode VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/POIDetails/locality/country/@uri="http://cvx.iptc.org/iso3166-1a3/..(3 letter code).. OR PROPERTY/POIDetails/locality/country/@uri="http://cvx.iptc.org/iso3166-1a2/..(2 letter code).. GPSAltitude
World region name Name of the world region the Location is located in coverage/spatial/location/region Iptc4xmpExt:WorldRegion worldRegion VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/POIDetails/worldRegion
GPS-Longitude Longitude of a WGS84 based position of this Location coverage/spatial/location/coordinates/posx + typeLabel="GPS" exif:GPSLongitude gpsLongitude VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/POIDetails/position/@longitude Longitude Longitude PersonId
GPS-Latitude Latitude of a WGS84 based position of this Location coverage/spatial/location/coordinates/posy + typeLabel="GPS" exif:GPSLatitude gpsLatitude VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/POIDetails/position/@lattitude Latitude Latitude PersonName
GPS-Altitude Altitude in meters of a WGS84 based position of this Location coverage/spatial/location/altitude exif:GPSAltitude gpsAltitude VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/POIDetails/position/@altitude Altitude Altitude PersonDescription
PS Person Details PersonWDetails (see Property Structure CV Term)
Identifier Globally unique identifier of the person @contactId Iptc4xmpExt:PersonId identifiers VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/related[@rel="skos:exactMatch"]/@uri
Name Name of the person contactDetails/Name or /givenName+ /familyName Iptc4xmpExt:PersonName name VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/name ProductGTIN
Description A textual description of the person See all EBUCore attributes in the entity structure Iptc4xmpExt:PersonDescription description VMD <--> NMLG2: property/note[@role="cptnoterole:pmdPersonDescr"] ProductName
Characteristics A property or trait of the person See all EBUCore attributes in the entity structure Iptc4xmpExt:PersonCharacteristic characteristics VMD <--> NMLG2: property/related[@rel= "entityprop:cptTypeSpecificCharacteristic"]/ ... (see CV-Term About mapping for the child elements of related) ProductDescription
PS Product with GTIN ProductWGtin
GTIN A 14 digit GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) of the product (GTIN-8 to GTIN-14 codes are used). Use ebucore identifier or description with the appropriate type Iptc4xmpExt:ProductGTIN gtin "VMD <--> NMLG2: property/related[@rel="entityprop:hasGTIN"]/@value="...GTIN..." Date
Name Name of the product. Use title or alternative with the appropriate type Iptc4xmpExt:ProductName name VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/definition Name
Description A textual description of the product. Use description with the appropriate type Iptc4xmpExt:ProductDescription description VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/definition Identifier
PS Publication Event See the rich publicationEvent structure in EBUCore PublicationEvent
Publication Date Date and optionally the time of publishing the video publicationEvent/publicationDate + publicationTime Iptc4xmpExt:Date date VMD <--> NMLG2: pubHistory/published/timestamp Link
Publication Event Name Name of the event for publishing this video. publicationEvent/@publicationEventName Iptc4xmpExt:Name name VMD <--> NMLG2: pubHistory/published/name LinkQualifier
Publication Event Identifier Identifier of the event for publishing this video publicationEvent/@publicationEventId Iptc4xmpExt:Identifier identifier VMD <--> NMLG2: pubHistory/published/@uri
PS Qualified Link EBUCore typeLink and typeLabel QualifiedLink VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/contentMetaExtProperty[@rel="entityprop:temporalCoverageTo"]/@value RatingValue
Link URL of the link {URL link of a property} Iptc4xmpExt:Link link VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/contentMetaExtProperty[@rel="entityprop:temporalCoverageTo"]/@value RatingSourceLink
Qualifier Term qualifying the use of the link {qualifier attribute, if available, of the property} Iptc4xmpExt:LinkQualifier linkQualifier RatingScaleMinValue
PS Rating Rating RatingScaleMaxValue
Rating Value Rating value as issued by the rating source rating/ratingValue Iptc4xmpExt:RatingValue ratingValue VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/@value RatingValueLogoLink
Rating Source Link Link to the site and optionally the page of the party which has issued the rating value, linked resource should explain the rating rules. rating/ratingLink Iptc4xmpExt:RatingSourceLink ratingSourceLink VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/@ratingtypeuri (see Property Structure Location)
Rating Scale Min Value The value of the rating scale used for the lowest/worst rating rating/ratingScaleMinValue Iptc4xmpExt:RatingScaleMinValue ratingScaleMinValue VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/@scalemin
Rating Scale Max Value The value of the rating scale used for the highest/best rating rating/ratingScaleMaxValue Iptc4xmpExt:RatingScaleMaxValue ratingScaleMaxValue VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/@scalemax RegItemId
Rating Value Logo Visualisation of the rating value referenced by a link rating/linkToLogo Iptc4xmpExt:RatingValueLogoLink ratingValueLogoLink RegOrgId
Rating Region Geopolitical region to which this rating applies. rating/ratingRegion Iptc4xmpExt:RatingRegion ratingRegions VMD <--> NMLG2: PROPERTY/@ratingtype RegEntryRole
PS Registry Entry RegistryEntry
Asset Identifier Unique identifier of the video as issued by a registry identifier/@typeLink="ivqu:assetId" or @typeLabel="Asset Id"/dc:identifier Iptc4xmpExt:RegItemId assetIdentifier VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/altId Name
Registry Identifier An identifier for the registry which issued the identifier of the video. identifier/@typeLink="ivqu:registryId" or @typeLabel="Registry Id"/dc:identifier Iptc4xmpExt:RegOrgId registryIdentifier VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/altId/@typeuri="... registry organisation id ..." Identifier
Role An identifier of the reason and/or purpose for this Registry Entry. identifier/@note Iptc4xmpExt:RegEntryRole role VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/altId/@role
PS Series Series TempCoverageFrom
Series name Name of the series title/@typeLink="ivqu:series" or typeLabel="Series Title"/dc:title is the xml document is about the series OR alternmativeTitle/@typeLink="ivqu:series" or typeLabel="Series Title"/dc:alternative if in complement to the programme title Iptc4xmpExt:Name name VMD <--> NMLG2: itemMeta/memberOf/@name & /related/@rel="crel:isA" & @qcode="mediabusinesscpt:series" TempCoverageTo
Series identifier Identifier for the series identifier/@typeLink="ivqu:series" or @typeLabel="Series Identifier" Iptc4xmpExt:Identifier identifier VMD <--> NMLG2: itemMeta/memberOf/@uri & /related/@rel="crel:isA" & @qcode="mediabusinesscpt:series"
PS Temporal Coverage TemporalCoverage RegionText
From Date Optionally truncated date when the temporal coverage starts coverage/temporal/periodOfTime/startDate Iptc4xmpExt:tempCoverageFrom tempCoverageFrom VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/contentMetaExtProperty[@rel="entityprop:temporalCoverageFrom"]/@value Unit
To Date Optionally truncated date when the temporal coverage ends coverage/temporal/periodOfTime/endDate Iptc4xmpExt:tempCoverageTo tempCoverageTo VMD <--> NMLG2: contentMeta/contentMetaExtProperty[@rel="entityprop:temporalCoverageTo"]/@value X
PS Text with region delimiter TextWRegionDelimiter Y
Text Text or textual data textLine/text Iptc4xmpExt:RegionText regionText W
Measure Type How the measures of the rectangle are expressed Iptc4xmpExt:Region/@stArea:unit measureType H
Rectangle, upper left X Horizontal axis value of the upper left corner of the rectangle textLine/textLinePosition/leftTopCornerLineNumber Iptc4xmpExt:Region/@stArea:x regionAreaX
Rectangle, upper left Y Vertical axis value of the upper left corner of the rectangle textLine/textLinePosition/leftTopCornerPixelNumber Iptc4xmpExt:Region/@stArea:y regionAreaY TimeFormat
Rectangle, horizontal size Horizontal width of the rectangle textLine/textLinePosition/width Iptc4xmpExt:Region/@stArea:w regionAreaWidth TimeValue