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Mapping recommended on 13 May 2020. Document revision as of 13 May 2020.

Copyright © 2020, IPTC - all rights reserved. Published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

In this table the columns with a blue header are defined by the Video Metadata Hub, the column with the green header is defined by EIDR Data Fields 2.0

Note on the column headers:
EBUcore: based on the EBU Core Metadata Standard.
XMP: based on the ISO XMP standard.
PVMD: a specification of JSON properties for Photo and Video MetaData by IPTC (aka phovidmd).

Property GroupProperty NameDefinition / SemanticsEBUcoreXMPPVMD JSONEIDR Data Fields 2.0
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administrativeCirca Date CreatedApproximate date or range of dates associated with the creation and production of a video.date/@typeDefinition="ivqu:circaDateCreated" or @typeLabel="Circa Date Created"/alternative/@period="...value..."Iptc4xmpExt:CircaDateCreatedcircaDateCreated
administrativeDate CreatedDate and optionally time when the video was createddate/createdphotoshop:DateCreateddateCreated
administrativeDate ModifiedDate and optionally time when the video was modified last timedate/modifiedxmp:ModifyDatedateModified
administrativeDate ReleasedDate and optionally time of the public release of the videodate/releasedxmpDM:releaseDatedateReleasedReleaseDate (EIDR: year or day date)
administrativeEpisodeEpisode in a specific season of a TV or video series this video is a member of.title/@typeLink="ivqu:episode"/dc:title + type OR alternative/@typeLink="ivqu:episode" or for both @typeLabel="Episode Title"Iptc4xmpExt:EpisodeepisodeSeries/Episode OR Season/Episode WITH EpisodeInfo
administrativeExternal Metadata URLLink(s) to an external web resource for retrieval of further metadata about this videouse relations and relatedInformationLinks for other AV resources or contacts/persons and organisations, events, etc.Iptc4xmpExt:ExternalMetadataLinkexternalMetadataLinks
administrativeFeed IdentifierIdentifier of the feed/source this video was delivered byidentifier/@typeLink="ivqu:feedId" or typeLabel="Feed Id"/dc:identifier Iptc4xmpExt:FeedIdentifierfeedIdentifierEIDR ID(Video Service ID)
administrativeMetadata Edit DateDate of the last edit of the metadata of this video.ebuCoreMain/@dateLastModified & ebuCoreMain@/timeLastModifiedProvenanceMetadata/LastModificationDate
administrativeMetadata EditorParty doing the last edit of the metadata of this video.ebuCoreMain/metadataProvider (entity structure)ProvenanceMetadata/LastModifiiedBy
administrativeMetadata AuthorityParty responsible for the accuracy of the metadata values.ebuCoreMain/metadataProvider (entity structure) + roleProvenanceMetadata/Administrators/Registrant or .../MetadataAuthority
administrativePlanning ReferenceReference to a data item used for planning the shooting of this videodate/plannedIptc4xmpExt:PlanningRefplanningRef
administrativePublication EventDate and optionally the time of publishing this video with name and identifier for the event of this publication.publicationEvent/publicationDateIptc4xmpExt:BroadcastDatepublicationEventsregistrantExtra with additional details
administrativeRatingHow the video is rated by a public source or an authorityrating/ratingValue or rating/ratingLink where rating is explicitly described like a web referenceIptc4xmpExt:Ratingratings
administrativeReady for ReleaseAn indicator if this video is ready for being released to the public. This depends on rules by the party responsible for the publication.format/technicalAttributeBoolean/@typeLink="ivqu:readyForRelease" or @typeLabel="Ready For Release"Iptc4xmpExt:ReleaseReadyreleaseReady
administrativeRecording DeviceDevice used for recording this videoformat/technicalAttributeString/@typeLink="ivqu:recordingDevice" or @typeLabel="Recording Device"Iptc4xmpExt:RecDevicerecordingDevice
administrativeRegistry EntryIdentifier of the video issued by an identified registry.identifier + typeLink="ivqu:registryEntry"/dc:identifier + attributor or typeLabel="Registry Entry" -> ebucore identifier structure to specify the entity, etc.Iptc4xmpExt:RegistryIdregistryEntriesAlternateID
administrativeSeasonSeason of a TV or video series this video is a member of.title + typeLink="ivqu:season"/dc:title + type OR dc:alternative + typeLink="ivqu:season" or for both typeLabel="Season Title"Iptc4xmpExt:SeasonseasonSeason
administrativeSeriesTV or video series this video is a member of.title/@typeLink="ivqu:series"/dc:title + type OR alternative/@ typeLink="ivqu:series" or for both typeLabel="Series Title"Iptc4xmpExt:SeriesseriesSeries
administrativeStoryline IdentifierIdentifier(s) of a story evolving over time with which this video is associatedidentifier + typeLink="ivqu:storylineId"/dc:identifier or typeLabel="Story Line Id" and ebucore identifier structure to identify the source entity and more.Iptc4xmpExt:StorylineIdentifierstorylineIdentifiers
administrativeStyle PeriodThe style, historical or artistic period, movement, group, or school whose characteristics are represented by the videodate/@typeDefinition="ivqu:stylePeriod" or@ typeLabel="Style Period"/alternative/@period="...value..." + Iptc4xmpExt:StylePeriodstylePeriod
administrativeTemporal CoveragePeriod of time covered by the videocoverage/@typeLabel="Temporal Coverage or @typeLink="ivqu="temporalCoverage"/dc:coverage or use ebucore coverage/temporal structureIptc4xmpExt:TemporalCoveragetemporalCoverage
administrativeParent Video IdentifierGlobally unambiguous identifier of the video from which this video was derived.hasParent and relationType structureManifestationInfo/Parent
administrativeVideo IdentifierGlobally unambiguous identifier of the video regardless of renditions, formats, encodings etc. This identifier should be shared across all renditions.identifier + typeLink="ivqu:mediaId"/dc:identifier or typeLabel="Media Id" and identifier structure to identify the source entity and more.dc:identifieridentifierEIDR ID // Abstraction
administrativeVideo RenditionUnambiguous identifier of the video specific to a rendition. identifier + typeLink="ivqu:videoRendition"/dc:identifier or typeLabel="Video Rendition" and identifier structure to identify the source entity and more.xmpMM:RenditionClassrenditionEIDR ID // Manifestation
administrativeVideo VersionVersion of the video identified by the Video Identifierversion/@typeLink="ivqu:mediaId" or @typeLabel="media Id"/"...value" or identifier + typeLink="ivqu:videoRendition"/dc:identifier or typeLabel="Video Rendition" and identifier structure to identify the source entity and more.xmpMM:VersionIDvideoVersion EIDR ID // Edit
administrativeWorkflow TagIndicator for the role of this video in a production workflow.type/@typeLink="ivqu:workflowTag" or typeLabel="Workflow Tag"/objectType/@typeLink or typeLabel with values from taxonomy or free text for typeLabelIptc4xmpExt:WorkflowTagworkflowTag
describing a/v contentCV Term About the ContentWhat the video is about expressed by term(s) selected from taxonomies or controlled vocabulariessubject/subjectCode, subjectDefinition and/or subject/dc:subject (free text) and possibly a typeLink and/or typeLabel to define a type of subject at a lower level of granularity. This is also possible using the topic and theme elements of EBUCore.Iptc4xmpExt:AboutCvTermaboutCvTerms
describing a/v contentData Displayed on ScreenText or other data shown in some region of the image.textLine + typeLink="ivqu:dataOnScreen" or typeLabel="Data On Screen"/text + timeStamp + textLinePositionIptc4xmpExt:DataOnScreendataOnScreen
describing a/v contentDescriptionTextual description of the content of the videodescription/dc:description plus typeLink or/and typeLabel for defining a type of description as appropriatedc:descriptiondescriptionDescription
describing a/v contentDopesheetShotlist with descriptionsdescription + typeLink="ivqu:dopesheet" or typeLabel="Dopesheet"/dc:descriptionIptc4xmpExt:Dopesheetdopesheet
describing a/v contentDopesheet LinkLink(s) to an external web resource providing a shotlist with descriptionsrelation/@typeLink="ivqu:dopesheetLink" or @typeLabel="Dopesheet Link"/relationLinkIptc4xmpExt:DopesheetLinkdopesheetLinks
describing a/v contentFeatured OrganisationOrganisation(s) featured by the content of the videocontributor/@typeLink="ivqu:featuredOrganisation" or typeLabel="Featured Organisation"/organisationDetails/organisationName or ebucore entity structure from more details and optionsIptc4xmpExt:OrganisationInImageName Iptc4xmpExt:OrganisationInImageCodefeaturedOrganisations
describing a/v contentGenreArtistic, style, journalistic, product or other genre(s) of the video.type/genre(@typeLink and @typeLabel with values from taxonomiesIptc4xmpExt:Genregenres
describing a/v contentHeadline Short description of the content of the videodescription/@typeLink="ivqu:headline" and @typeLabel="Headline"/dc:descriptionIptc4xmpExt:Headlineheadline
describing a/v contentKeywordWhat the video is about expressed by a free choice of descriptive phrases or keywordsdescription/@typeLink="ivqu:keyword" or @typeLabel="Keyword"/dc:descriptiondc:subjectkeywords
describing a/v contentLanguage VersionLanguage version of the videolanguage/@typeLink="ivqu:languageVersion" or @typeLabel="Language Version"/dc:languagedc:languagelanguageVersionLanguage
describing a/v contentLocation ShotPlace from where the video was shot, in particular where the camera was locatedcoverage/spatial/location/@typeLink="ivqu:locationShot" or @typeLabel="Location Shot"/name or use ebucore location structure for more granularityIptc4xmpExt:LocationCreatedlocationsCreated
describing a/v contentLocation ShownPlace(s) shown by the videocoverage/spatial/location/@typeLink="ivqu:locationShown" or @typeLabel="Location Shown"/name or use ebucore location structure for more granularityIptc4xmpExt:LocationShownlocationsShown
describing a/v contentObject ShownObject(s) shown by the videoArtefact + timestamp + positionIptc4xmpExt:ArtworkOrObjectobjectsShown
describing a/v contentPerson HeardPerson(s) who can be heard only in the videocontributor/@typeLink="ivqu:personHeard" or typeLabel="Person Heard"/organisationDetails/organisationName or ebucore entity structure from more details and options. For timed identification use part/contributorIptc4xmpExt:PersonHeardpersonsHeard Actor
describing a/v contentPerson ShownPerson(s) shown by the videocontributor/@typeLink="ivqu:personShown" or typeLabel="Person Shown"/organisationDetails/organisationName or ebucore entity structure from more details and options. For timed identification use part/contributorIptc4xmpExt:PersonInImageWDetailspersonsShown Actor
describing a/v contentProduct ShownProduct(s) identified by a GTIN code shown by the videosubject + typeLink="ivqu:productShown"/subjectCode + subjectDefinition OR description + typeLink="ivqu:productShown"/dc:descriptionIptc4xmpExt:ProductInImageproductsShown
describing a/v contentShot TypeVisual type(s) of the videotype/objectType or format/technicalAttributeString or type/objectType or format/technicalAttributeUri in association with ad-hoc taxonomyIptc4xmpExt:VideoShotTypevideoShotTypes
describing a/v contentShown EventEvent(s) shown by the videoEvent/name or more using the ebucore event structureIptc4xmpExt:EventExtshownEvents
describing a/v contentSnapshot LinkA still image representing the video.format/locator/@typeLink="ivqu:snapshotLink" or @typeLabel="Snapshot Link"Iptc4xmpExt:SnapshotLinksnapshotLinks
describing a/v contentTitleTitle of the video, should be a shorthand referencetitle/dc:titledc:titletitleResourceName
describing a/v contentTranscriptTranscription of the videodescription/@typeLink="ivqu:transcript" or typeLabel="Transcript"/dc:description or use textLine structureIptc4xmpExt:Transcripttranscript
describing a/v contentTranscript LinkLink(s) to an external web resource providing a transcription of the videorelation/@typeLink="ivqu:transcriptLink" or @typeLabel="Transcript Link"/relationLinkIptc4xmpExt:TranscriptLinktranscriptLinks
describing a/v contentVisual ColourThe visual colouring of the video.format/technicalAttributeString +typeLink ='ivqu:visualColour"Iptc4xmpExt:VisualColourvisualColour
rightsContributorParty or parties (person or organisation) which contributed to the video, refinement by the role attribute.contributor/role for contributors and ebucore entity structure for more granularityIptc4xmpExt:ContributorcontributorsCredits/Director OR Credits/Actor
rightsCopyright Notice Any textual notice necessary by legal needs or common use to indicate the current owner of the copyright of this media resourcerights/copyrightStatementdc:rightscopyrightNotice
rightsCopyright YearYear appearing in the copyright notice as numeric valuedate/copyrightedIptc4xmpExt:CopyrightYearcopyrightYear
rightsCreatorParty or parties (person or organisation) which created the video, refinement by the role attribute. creator/role for creators OR contributor/role for creators and ebucore entity structure for more granularityIptc4xmpExt:CreatorcreatorsCredits/Director OR Credits/Actor OR AssociatedOrg/@role="producer"
rightsCredit LineCredit to person(s) and/or organisation(s) required by the supplier of the video (clip) to be used when published.rights/@typeLink="ivqu:creditline" or @typeLabel="Credit Line"/dc:rights or use ebucore contributor and granularity of the enty structure to build the credit list contributor by contributor and their respective roles.photoshop:CreditcreditLine
rightsLicensor Company or person to be contacted for licensingrights/rightsHolder + role/@typeLink="ivqu:licensor" or @typeLabel="Licensor"plus:Licensorlicensor
rightsModel Release DocumentIdentifier(s) of a Model Release document.rights/@typeLink="ivqu:modelRelease" or @typeLabel="Model Release"/dc:rightsplus:ModelReleaseIDmodelReleaseDocuments
rightsModel Release StatusSummarises the availability and scope of model releases authorizing usage of the likenesses of persons appearing in the videorights/@typeLink="ivqu:modelReleaseStatus" or @typeLabel="Model Release Status"/dc:rightsplus:ModelReleaseStatusmodelReleaseStatus
rightsProperty Release DocumentIdentifier(s) of a Property Release document.rights/@typeLink="ivqu:propertyReleaseDocument" or @typeLabel="Property Release Document"/dc:rightsplus:PropertyReleaseIDpropertyReleaseDocuments
rightsProperty Release StatusSummarises the availability and scope of property releases authorising usage of the properties appearing in the photograph.rights/@typeLink="ivqu:propertyReleaseStatus" or @typeLabel="Property Release Status"/dc:rightsplus:PropertyReleaseStatuspropertyReleaseStatus
rightsRights and Licensing TermsStructure covering the assertion of rights, the granting of licenses and both in human and a machine readable ways (including restrictions, embargoes, duties ...)rights/@typeLink="ivqu:extRights" or @typeLabel="Rights and Licensing Terms"/dc:rightsIptc4xmpExt:EmbdEncRightsExpr Iptc4xmpExt:LinkedEncRightsExprembdEncRightsExpr, linkedEncRightsExpr
rightsRights Owner Data identifying the individual or organisation owning the rights for this media resource which could be the video as a whole or a clip in a video. The optional role attribute may indicate which facet of rights is covered by this entity.rights/rightsHolder/@typeLink="ivqu:copyrightOwner" or @typeLabel="Copyright Owner" -> see ebucore entity structure for person or organisationplus:CopyrightOwnercopyrightOwners
rightsSupplier Supplier of this copy of the media resourcecontributor/role/@typeLink="ivqu:supplier" or @typeLabel="Supplier"plus:ImageSuppliersupplier AssociatedOrg/@role="distributor"
rightsSupply Chain SourcePerson or party who has a role in the content supply chain.contributor/role="ivqu:supplychainSource"Iptc4xmpExt:SupplyChainSourcesupplyChainSources
technicalAudio BitrateBit rate of the audio data depending on the Video Bit Rate Type: if fixed the fixed rate, if variable the maximum rateformat/audioFormat/bitRateIptc4xmpExt:audioBitRateaudioBitRate
technicalAudio Bitrate TypeIndicates if the bitrate of the audio data is fixed or variableformat/audioFormat/bitRateModeIptc4xmpExt:audioBitRateModeaudioBitRateType
technicalAudio Bits per SampleNumber of bits used for an audio sampleformat/audioFormat/sampleSizeIptc4xmpExt:audioBitsPerSampleaudioBitsPerSamplemd:SampleBitDepth (at track level details)
technicalAudio Channel LayoutTerm indicating the channel layoutformat/audioFormat/audioTrackConfigurationxmpDM:audioChannelTypeaudioChannelLayout
technicalAudio ChannelsNumber of used audio channelsformat/audioFormat/channelsIptc4xmpExt:audioChannelCountaudioChannelCount
technicalAudio CodingMachine readable code and a human readable term for the used audio codingformat/audioFormat/encodingxmpDM:audioCompressoraudioCodingmd:Codec (at track level details)
technicalAudio Sample RateRate used for sampling the audioformat/audioFormat/samplingRatexmpDM:audioSampleRateaudioSampleRatemd:SampleRate (at track level details)
technicalDisplay Aspect RatioRatio of width and height of the displayed image. (Width and height do not require to be in pixels.)aspectRatio/@typeLink="ivqu:displayAspectRatio" or @typeLabel=""Display Aspect Ratio" / factorNumerator and factorDenominator for e.g. 16/9 or 16:9...Iptc4xmpExt:videoDisplayAspectRatiovideoDisplayAspectRatio
technicalEditorial DurationDuration of the video content proposed for editorial useformat/duration/@typeLink="ivqu:editorialDuration" or @typeLabel="Editorial Duration"xmpDM:marker[xmpDM:type= "ivqu:editorialUseStart"] /xmpDM:duration editorialDurationsApproximateLength
technicalEditorial Duration EndThe point in time and frames the content proposed for editorial use endsformat/end/@typeLink="ivqu:editorialDurationEnd" or @typeLabel="Editorial Duration End"xmpDM:marker[xmpDM:type= "ivqu:editorialUseEnd"] /xmpDM:startTimeeditorialDurationEnds
technicalEditorial Duration StartThe point in time and frames the content proposed for editorial use startsformat/start/@typeLink="ivqu:editorialDurationStart" or @typeLabel="Editorial Duration Start"xmpDM:marker[xmpDM:type= "ivqu:editorialUseStart"] /xmpDM:startTimeeditorialDurationStarts
technicalFile BitrateThe total bit rate of the all media streams in this file.format/overallBitRatexmpDM:fileDataRatefileBitrate
technicalFile DurationDuration of the overall video (from the first to the last frame)format/durationxmpDM:durationfileDuration
technicalFile FormatFormat of the file containing the video data.format/containerformat/containerEncoding (@typeLabel, @typeLabel for taxonomies or free text) and more using the containerFormat structure for more granularityIptc4xmpExt:ContainerFormatfileFormat
technicalFrame SizeSize of the video frame in pixelsformat/videoFormat/width and heightxmpDM:videoFrameSizeframeSize
technicalMedia TypeIANA Media Type of the video.format/mimeTypedc:formatmediaTypemd:CodecType
technicalOrientationOrientation of the visual content of the video as defined by TIFF.format/imageFormat/orientationtiff:orientationorientation
technicalSignal Aspect RatioRatio of width and height in pixels of a frameaspectRatio/@typeLink="ivqu:signalAspectRatio" or @typeLabel="Signal Aspect Ratio"xmpDM:videoPixelAspectRatiosignalAspectRatiomd:AspectRatio
technicalSignal FormatCombined term including the size of the frame, interlaced/progressive, framerate format/videoFormat/technicalAttributeString/@typeLink="ivqu:signalFormat" or @typeLabel="Signal Format"xmpDM:videoFieldOrdersignalFormat
technicalStream-readyIndicates if this video can be used for streaming by the rule of having the key technical data of the video at the start rather than end of the file and that the wrapper and essense format are suitable for streamingformat/technicalAttributeString + @typeLink="ivqu:streamReady" or @typeLabel="Stream ready"Iptc4xmpExt:StreamReadystreamReady
technicalVideo BitrateBit rate of the video data depending on the Video Bit Rate Type: if fixed the fixed rate, if variable the maximum rateformat/videoFormat/bitRateIptc4xmpExt:videoBitRatevideoBitratemd:BitrateMax
technicalVideo Bitrate TypeIndicates if the bitrate of the video data is fixed or variableformat/videoFormat/bitRateModeIptc4xmpExt:videoBitRateModevideoBitrateType
technicalVideo CodingMachine readable code and a human readable term for the used video codingformat/videoFormat/encodingxmpDM:videoCompressorvideoCodingmd:Codec
technicalVideo Frame RateUsed frame rateformat/videoFormat/frameRatexmpDM:videoFrameRatevideoFrameRatemd:FrameRate
technicalVideo ProfileName of the used video profile as defined by the maker of the encoding standard.format/videoFormat/encoding/profileIptc4xmpExt:videoEncodingProfilevideoEncodingProfile
technicalVideo Streams CountCount of video streams in a video file.format/videoFormat/technicalAttributeInteger [@typeLink="ivqu:videoStreamCount" or@typeLabel="Video Stream Count"] if same format for all video channel, other number of videoFormats provide in the current metadata fileIptc4xmpExt:videoStreamsCountvideoStreamsCount
toolMarkersA marker describes a location in an audio or video sequence. It is used to identify for which part of the video (a clip of the video as a whole) a set of IPTC Video Metadata properties is used.use part + description or other metadata for timed markers of different custom typesxmpDM:markerNA
Property Structures (PS)
PS CV-TermCvTerm
CV-Term CV IDGlobally unique identifier of the Controlled Vocabulary the term is from.ebucore:typeThesaurusIptc4xmpExt:CvIdcvId
CV-Term IDGlobally unique identifier of the term from a Controlled Vocabulary.ebucore:typeLinkIptc4xmpExt:CvTermIdcvTermId
CV-Term nameNatural language name of the term from a Controlled Vocabulary.ebucore:typeLabelIptc4xmpExt:CvTermNamecvTermName
Refined 'aboutness' of the CV-TermRefinement of the 'about' relationship of the term with the content.In ebucore, this is logically and contextually defined by the relation for which a controlled term is usedIptc4xmpExt:CvTermRefinedAboutcvTermRefinedAbout
PS DeviceDevice is used in EBU CCDM, not EBUCoreDevice
ManufacturerName of the manufacturer of the device Iptc4xmpExt:Manufacturermanufacturer
Model NameName of the device modelIptc4xmpExt:ModelNamemodelName
Serial NumberSerial number, assigned by manufacturerIptc4xmpExt:SerialNumberserialNumber
Attached Lens DescriptionShort description of the lens used with the device at the time of the recordingIptc4xmpExt:AttLensDescriptionattLensDescription
Owner´s Device IDIdentifier assigned by the owner of the deviceIptc4xmpExt:OwnersDeviceIdownerDeviceId
PS Embedded Encoded Rights ExpressionEmbdEncRightsExpr
Rights Expression Language IDIdentifier of the rights expression language used by the rights expression.rights/rightsIDIptc4xmpExt:RightsExprLangIdrightsExprLangId
Encoding typeEncoding type of the rights expression, identified by an IANA Media Type.rights/typeLabelIptc4xmpExt:RightsExprEncTyperightsExprEncType
Encoded Rights ExpressionEmbedded serialized rights expression using a rights expression language which is encoded as a string.rights/dc:rights or rights/rightsLinkIptc4xmpExt:EncRightsExprencRightsExpr
PS Entity or ConceptEntity
IdentifierGlobally unique identifier of the entity/conceptentityId or contactId or organisationId, otherwsie each class in EBUCore has its own ID. For concepts, the ID is part of the termID/URIxmp:identifieridentifiers
NameFull name of the entity/conceptcontactDetails/Name or /givenName+ /familyName or organisationName or simialr for other classes or typeLabel for taxonomiesIptc4xmpExt:Namename
PS Entity or Concept with roleEntityWRole
IdentifierGlobally unique identifier of the entity/conceptentityId or contactId or organisationIdxmp:identifieridentifiers
NameFull name of the entity/conceptcontactDetails/Name or /givenName+ /familyName or organisation/organisationNameIptc4xmpExt:Namename
RoleIdentifier of the role the entity has in the context of the metadata propertyroleIptc4xmpExt:Rolerole
PS Episode or Season of SeriesisEpisodeOf, isSeasonOf, hasEpisode, hasSeason, hasSeries, isSeriesOfEpisodeSeason
NameName of the episode or season of a seriestitle/ @typeLink="ivqu:episodeTitle" or typeLabel="Episode Title" OR @typeLink="ivqu:seasonTitle" or @typeLabel="Season Title"/dc:title + type OR dc:alternative + type - also applies to series in EBUCoreIptc4xmpExt:Namename
NumberNumber of the episode or season of a seriestitle + typeLink="ivqu:episodeNo OR ivqu:seasonNo"/dc:title + type OR dc:alternative + type or similar use with alternative/dc:alternative - also applies to series in EBUCoreIptc4xmpExt:Numbernumber
IdentifierIdentifier of the episode or season of a seriesidentifier/@typeLink="ivqu:episodeIdentifier" or @typeLabel="Episode Identifier" OR or similar of r Season - also applies to series in EBUCoreIptc4xmpExt:Identifieridentifier
PS Frame SizeFrameSize
WidthWidth of the video frame in pixelsformat/widthstDim:wwidthPixels
HeightHeight of the video frame in pixelsformat/height or format/linesstDim:hheightPixels
Measure UnitUnits of width and height values, fixed value "pixels"width/@unit and height/@unitstDim:unitunitPixels
PS Linked Encoded Rights ExpressionLinkedEncRightsExpr
Rights Expression Language IDIdentifier of the rights expression language used by the rights expression.rights/@rightsIDIptc4xmpExt:RightsExprLangIdrightsExprLangId
Encoding typeEncoding type of the rights expression, identified by an IANA Media Type.rights/rightsEncoding/@typeLabel or @typeLink is existing taxonomyIptc4xmpExt:RightsExprEncTyperightsExprEncType
Link to Encoded Rights ExpressionLink to a rights expression using a rights expression language.rights/rightsLinkIptc4xmpExt:RightsExprLangIdlinkedRightsExpr
PS Linked Image the format element is about an imageLinkedImage
Image LinkLink URL locating the image resourceformat/LocatorIptc4xmpExt:Linklink
Image Qualifier Qualifier of the relationship of the image with the videoformat/imageFormat/technicalAttributeUri or @typeLinkIptc4xmpExt:LinkQualifierlinkQualifiers
Image RoleRole of this image in the context of the video format/imageFormat/technicalAttributeString or @typeLabelIptc4xmpExt:ImageRolerole
Media TypeIANA Media (MIME) Typeformat/mimeTypedc:formatmediaType
Image WidthWidth of the image, in pixels format/imageFormat/widthIptc4xmpExt:WidthPixelswidthPixels
Image HeightHeight of the image, in pixels format/imageFormat/heightIptc4xmpExt:HeightPixelsheightPixels
Used Video FrameFrame of the video used for this still image. format/Locator with W3C fragment locatorIptc4xmpExt:UsedVideoFrameusedVideoFrame
PS LocationLocation
IdentifierGlobally unique identifier of the locationcoverage/spatial/location/locationIdxmp:identifieridentifiers
NameFull name of the locationcoverage/spatial/location/nameIptc4xmpExt:LocationNamename
Sublocation nameName of a sub location the Location is located incoverage/spatial/location/name (multi-occurence +typeLabel or typeLink, etc.)Iptc4xmpExt:Sublocationsublocation
City nameName of the city the Location is located incoverage/spatial/location/name (multi-occurence +typeLabel or typeLink, etc.)Iptc4xmpExt:Citycity
State/Province nameName of the state or province the Location is located incoverage/spatial/location/name (multi-occurence +typeLabel or typeLink, etc.)Iptc4xmpExt:StateProvinceprovinceState
Country nameName of the country the Location is located incoverage/spatial/location/name (multi-occurence +typeLabel or typeLink, etc.)Iptc4xmpExt:CountryNamecountryName
Country ISO codeISO code of the country the Location is located incoverage/spatial/location/codeIptc4xmpExt:CountryCodecountryCode
World region nameName of the world region the Location is located incoverage/spatial/location/regionIptc4xmpExt:WorldRegionworldRegion
GPS-LongitudeLongitude of a WGS84 based position of this Locationcoverage/spatial/location/coordinates/posx + typeLabel="GPS"exif:GPSLongitudegpsLongitude
GPS-LatitudeLatitude of a WGS84 based position of this Locationcoverage/spatial/location/coordinates/posy + typeLabel="GPS"exif:GPSLatitudegpsLatitude
GPS-AltitudeAltitude in meters of a WGS84 based position of this Locationcoverage/spatial/location/altitudeexif:GPSAltitudegpsAltitude
PS Person DetailsPersonWDetails
IdentifierGlobally unique identifier of the person@contactIdIptc4xmpExt:PersonIdidentifiers
NameName of the personcontactDetails/Name or /givenName+ /familyNameIptc4xmpExt:PersonNamename
DescriptionA textual description of the personSee all EBUCore attributes in the entity structureIptc4xmpExt:PersonDescriptiondescription
CharacteristicsA property or trait of the personSee all EBUCore attributes in the entity structureIptc4xmpExt:PersonCharacteristiccharacteristics
PS Product with GTINProductWGtin
GTINA 14 digit GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) of the product (GTIN-8 to GTIN-14 codes are used).Use ebucore identifier or description with the appropriate typeIptc4xmpExt:ProductGTINgtin
NameName of the product.Use title or alternative with the appropriate typeIptc4xmpExt:ProductNamename
DescriptionA textual description of the product.Use description with the appropriate typeIptc4xmpExt:ProductDescriptiondescription
PS Publication EventSee the rich publicationEvent structure in EBUCorePublicationEvent
Publication DateDate and optionally the time of publishing the videopublicationEvent/publicationDate + publicationTimeIptc4xmpExt:Datedate
Publication Event NameName of the event for publishing this video.publicationEvent/@publicationEventNameIptc4xmpExt:Namename
Publication Event IdentifierIdentifier of the event for publishing this videopublicationEvent/@publicationEventIdIptc4xmpExt:Identifieridentifier
PS Qualified LinkEBUCore typeLink and typeLabelQualifiedLink
LinkURL of the link{URL link of a property}Iptc4xmpExt:Linklink
QualifierTerm qualifying the use of the link{qualifier attribute, if available, of the property}Iptc4xmpExt:LinkQualifierlinkQualifier
PS RatingRating
Rating ValueRating value as issued by the rating sourcerating/ratingValueIptc4xmpExt:RatingValueratingValue
Rating Source LinkLink to the site and optionally the page of the party which has issued the rating value, linked resource should explain the rating rules.rating/ratingLinkIptc4xmpExt:RatingSourceLinkratingSourceLink
Rating Scale Min ValueThe value of the rating scale used for the lowest/worst ratingrating/ratingScaleMinValueIptc4xmpExt:RatingScaleMinValueratingScaleMinValue
Rating Scale Max ValueThe value of the rating scale used for the highest/best ratingrating/ratingScaleMaxValueIptc4xmpExt:RatingScaleMaxValueratingScaleMaxValue
Rating Value LogoVisualisation of the rating value referenced by a linkrating/linkToLogoIptc4xmpExt:RatingValueLogoLinkratingValueLogoLink
Rating RegionGeopolitical region to which this rating applies.rating/ratingRegionIptc4xmpExt:RatingRegionratingRegions
PS Registry EntryRegistryEntry
Asset IdentifierUnique identifier of the video as issued by a registryidentifier/@typeLink="ivqu:assetId" or @typeLabel="Asset Id"/dc:identifierIptc4xmpExt:RegItemIdassetIdentifier
Registry IdentifierAn identifier for the registry which issued the identifier of the video.identifier/@typeLink="ivqu:registryId" or @typeLabel="Registry Id"/dc:identifierIptc4xmpExt:RegOrgIdregistryIdentifier
RoleAn identifier of the reason and/or purpose for this Registry Entry.identifier/@noteIptc4xmpExt:RegEntryRolerole
PS SeriesSeries
Series nameName of the seriestitle/@typeLink="ivqu:series" or typeLabel="Series Title"/dc:title is the xml document is about the series OR alternmativeTitle/@typeLink="ivqu:series" or typeLabel="Series Title"/dc:alternative if in complement to the programme titleIptc4xmpExt:Namename
Series identifierIdentifier for the seriesidentifier/@typeLink="ivqu:series" or @typeLabel="Series Identifier"Iptc4xmpExt:Identifieridentifier
PS Temporal CoverageTemporalCoverage
From DateOptionally truncated date when the temporal coverage startscoverage/temporal/periodOfTime/startDateIptc4xmpExt:tempCoverageFromtempCoverageFrom
To DateOptionally truncated date when the temporal coverage endscoverage/temporal/periodOfTime/endDateIptc4xmpExt:tempCoverageTotempCoverageTo
PS Text with region delimiterTextWRegionDelimiter
TextText or textual datatextLine/textIptc4xmpExt:RegionTextregionText
Measure TypeHow the measures of the rectangle are expressedIptc4xmpExt:Region/@stArea:unitmeasureType
Rectangle, upper left XHorizontal axis value of the upper left corner of the rectangletextLine/textLinePosition/leftTopCornerLineNumberIptc4xmpExt:Region/@stArea:xregionAreaX
Rectangle, upper left YVertical axis value of the upper left corner of the rectangletextLine/textLinePosition/leftTopCornerPixelNumberIptc4xmpExt:Region/@stArea:yregionAreaY
Rectangle, horizontal sizeHorizontal width of the rectangletextLine/textLinePosition/widthIptc4xmpExt:Region/@stArea:wregionAreaWidth