NewsML-G2 Documentation

The latest version of NewsML-G2 is 2.29, approved by the IPTC Standards Committee in May 2020.

NewsML-G2 Quick Start guides

We have created a set of Quick Start guides to help developers understand the key concepts behind NewsML-G2.

There are currently five Quick Start guides:

After reading the Quick Start guides, we recommend reading the rest of the NewsML-G2 Guidelines, and consulting the full NewsML-G2 Specification and XML Schema documentation for finer details.

NewsML-G2 Specification document

The latest version of the NewsML-G2 Specification in HTML is 2.28.

This is available at

The latest version is always hosted at

NewsML-G2 Guidelines document

The latest version of the NewsML-G2 Guidelines is published at

Guidelines for older versions of NewsML-G2

Guidelines for older versions of NewsML-G2 (up to 2.25) were maintained in PDF format. The last version to be published in PDF was the NewsML 2.25 guidelines in PDF.

XML Schema documentation

NewsML-G2 XML Schema docs generated directly from the NewsML-G2 XML Schema are available in the specification folder:

The XML Schema docs are separated into documentation for each of the major components of NewsML-G2:

NewsML-G2 Structure Matrix

A matrix showing which attributes apply to which elements is maintained as an Excel spreadsheet:

Further information and questions

For any questions, comments or suggestions, please join the public NewsML-G2 forum at