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NewsML-G2 2.0 Specification Errata

This documents records all known errors in the NewsML-G2 specification documents in http://www.iptc.org/std/NewsML-G2/2.0/specification

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Errata page last edited on: 2008-05-30


Erratum number 1
Entry date 2008-05-30
Issue In the document NewsML-G2_2.0-spec_PCL_2.pdf in Tables 22 and 118 the attributes @audiovbr and @videovbr are defined as a string constrained to the enumeration "yes" and "no" - while Table 188 of this document and the XML Schema file NewsML-G2_2.0-spec-NewsItem-Power.xsd defines these attributes as xs:boolean.
Planned correction As by the notes of the NewsML-G2 development team the string type definition is wrong and the boolean type definition is right. The specification document NewsML-G2_2.0-spec_PCL_2.pdf, Tables 22 and 118 have to be changed to show the datatype as xs:boolean.